song of the day (Thursday)

Felix Räuber – road to chaos

This song was released in July 2020 on Every Motion Records, which is Felix’s own label. He is an artist through and through, an extraordinary vocalist and his interviews show an intelligent man who cares about life and the state of this earth. Felix is probably better known to a broader audience as the singer of the band Polarkreis 18, they had a huge hit single with the song “Allein Allein” in 2007. Definitely an artist to watch. Hearing him live is a treat too. I saw him years ago at a gig with Maximilian Hecker. 36 people with the staff manning the bar… a gem of a gig that I will never forget.

Enjoy your day. xx

songs of the night

Backyard Babies – nomadic

From the self-titled album “Backyard Babies” that was released in 2006 on BMG. Backyard Babies are a Swedish punk band with eight studio albums under their belt. Their debut “Diesel & Power” was released in 1994. (on Megarock)

The lead singer and guitarist Nicke Borg Homeland released several solo records, as did Dregen (guitarist).

Nicke Borg Homeland – end of the rainbow

(Ruins of a riot, 2013 – gain records)

Enjoy some punk on this Friday night.


song of the night (Wednesday)

Foo Fighters – times like these

From the album “One by One” (2002, RCA records)

My husband is a big Foo Fighters fan, as is his sister. I am not so sure about them. Something never touched me. Maybe the songs are too produced? Maybe the band is too hyped? I don’t know. Am I allowed to say that I don’t really like the Foo Fighters? What I like is that Dave Grohl is allowed to show his talents, whereas, in Nirvana, he was only the drummer, here he can show off that he is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter. He knows how a song should sounds. He knows what works…

Enjoy the song.


song of the night

Bruce Springsteen – if I should fall behind

From the album “Lucky Town” (1992, Columbia Records). Curiously, Bruce Springsteen released two albums “Human Touch” and “Lucky Town” on the same day. (March 31st, 1992). Apparently, work on “Human Touch” was delayed and shelved. In late 1991, Bruce returned to the studio to write one more song for that record, but he came up with ten new songs and “Lucky Town” was made. It is considered the tenth studio album of Bruce Springsteen and his band – the E Street Band.

The music of New Jersey born musician grew on me lately, until I noticed that he is one of the artists with the most songs in my Spotify Daily Mix playlist. I was quite surprised, but it is a fact. I guess, I was unaware of it because my favourite songs from the Boss are from different albums.

I like that Bruce is telling stories with his songs and some are just so very heartbreaking. Every song is like a short story.


I am still here… Just tired and getting back in the mindset of returning to work. New rules and regulations are issued daily, and we as de educators need to adjust the material at the nursery but also organise the rooms and spaces. So, I worked yesterday at that, and today new information came forward from the government, and everything had to be changed again. I am passionate about my job, and I am looking forward to working again… But this is draining. I wake up at night, remembering things I forgot and make notes… That’s not healthy. I am working overtime – of course, until at least mid-July, and then we will see how everything will change then again. But it is okay; my presence is needed. I am tired. It is early, but I am off to sleep. Good night dear people. And thank you for checking in ever so often. xx

song of the day (Wednesday)

Depeche Mode – the things you said

This song was on the sixth studio album by Depeche Mode, called “Music for the Masses” it was released in 1987 (Mute Records).

I like Depeche Mode a lot. The first CD I ever bought from my own money was “Songs of Faith and Devotion”. That was in 1993 and after that, I invested some money to buy more of their albums. I think the only record missing from my collection is the latest release “Spirit” (2017, Mute Records). I like Martin L Gore’s songwriting, and his voice too (songwriter, guitarist, keyboarder…). He is an amazing vocalist and a layered person, who also sings this song (and others of my favourite DM songs).

Please enjoy.


Song of the day

Lamb – wise enough

From the album “5” (2011, Strata Music). Lamb are a duo from Manchester making mostly electronic music. “5” is the fifth studio album and was released after a five-year hiatus. This song touched me from the first time I heard it. Something about the way Lou Rhodes sings these meaningful lyrics.

Are we not wise enough to give all we are
Surely we’re bright enough to outshine the stars
But human kind gets so lost in finding its way
But we have a chance to make a difference til our dying day




song of the day

Mark Hole – dirty base

From the album “F-sharp” (2008, Tenwest)

Hm, what to say about Mark Hole. He is obviously terribly talented, but also a bit crazy eccentric. I have been following his Facebook account for a long while. It used to be silent, until this lockdown happened and he is very active now, posting something daily. 5 mins of Marky Madness (He is an artist! Remember that when you click the link 🙂 ) It’s funny though, entertaining. There is madness, and music, and also some more serious moments. Mark is a piece of art, an exceptional character; to be honest. And not always for the faint of heart.

I received the album “F-Sharp” from a friend who had seen Mark as a support act for Tori Amos (in 2008). She knew that I would probably like his music a lot. And I did.

I ordered more of Mark’s albums from him directly. And I received a lot more than just two CDs. I received a T-Shirt that smelled amazing, an autograph, a long handwritten letter, and a wooden chess piece. The chess piece was (according to the letter) the last he had left of an entire chess set that he had received from his ex-girlfriend who inspired songs like Torture Garden.

It’s the knight… I like it a lot…


An exceptional artist and musician, I want to share so many more songs, but if you like these three songs, you will probably go to youtube and find more songs.

I recommend:

Dirty’s what I like I am sharing a link to a live performance because the original video is a bit disturbing – it shows the eccentricity of Mark Hole quite well, though.

People Change Another live performance because it shows off his vocal skills

I hope I made you discover something new. Even if these songs are older, I think that we will hear more from this free-spirited London-based musician. Or at least, I hope so.



song of the day

the National – I need my girl

From the album “Trouble Will Find Me” (2013, 4AD)

It must be Matt Berninger’s voice that touches me so much in this song, or his lyrics? I also like Tom Smith’s voice a lot. (from the British band Editors). I guess it is the baritone. I find it soothing. Like a caress or a veil that hides me from the world for a short moment.

Editors – sugar

From the album “The Weight of Your Love” (2013, PIAS Records)

It breaks my heart to love you


Have a nice Tuesday.

I didn’t sleep at night. (well, only for about two hours.) Too much reality, not enough fantasy… I did not share a song yesterday, apart from the one in the post I shared. I did not write any poetry yesterday either. Though, my favourite sentence I wrote yesterday was: hunting ghosts and chasing phantom pains. It would be a good title for my next poetry collection. Although I am not planning or working on a new release right now. But, the quality of my writing these last days is better than it has been in a while. Is it vain to praise oneself? Maybe it is, but writing and my ability to use words (in writing, not in talking) is something that makes me proud of myself. It is my special talent. 🙂 My horoscope said to find something that makes me proud today and allow these feelings. It’s quite hard for me to find something positive about myself. I am used to being a carer and a giver. A childhood-trauma is not being good enough, not being worthy of love and affection unless I forget my own needs and cater to others’. In my head, I am only loveable if I give parts of myself away, whether it does myself some good or not. It is probably a reason why I chose my job. And it shows in my everyday life. I bring my husband coffee to his desk every morning. I ask if he needs anything when I get up from the couch while watching TV, I offer drinks or food at different times of the day… It is my way of showing that I care. I also touch a lot, I caress when I walk by and things like that. It is rarely reciprocated and even less often offered coming from him without asking bluntly. I miss being cared for. I miss being loved and feeling like a million bucks. Twenty years is a long long time. Phew… this turned into something else,