Flash #3

Fake it till you make it. Fake it till you break down. But what if, against all odds, everything will be okay? What if we are our biggest enemies? What if we put ourselves down so that others… Read More

Flash #2

A circle of words; never changing words. Every story has been written and felt before. Hers too. And yet, she feels as if she has to share her book of life in some way. Perhaps, laced with fiction,… Read More


A mom had a bad day. She was in pain, and her established plans for the kids to help with household chores were ignored. She did everything on her own and in pain. She made dinner. Watched a… Read More

Monday Song

Daniel Balthasar – somebody’s somebody Daniel Balthasar is a Luxembourgish singer/songwriter. He has been active on the local music scene for quite a while, as a solo artist as well as a member of the band Blue Room… Read More

Tuesday Song

Anathema – pulled under at 2000 metres a second From the album “a natural disaster” (2003) A bit of an aggressive song from an other wise quiet album. I spent a lot of time online these last days… Read More

Friday Song

Hammock – disappear like the morning From the album “Raising your voice… Trying to stop an echo” (2006) Once again, I was told that my music tastes are too random and that a red thread is missing in… Read More

Tuesday Song

Antimatter – the immaculate misconception From the album “Leaving Eden” 2007. It is a mostly instrumental song. I like the album, but never noticed the song until I listened to a 10-year anniversary version of the album where… Read More

song of the night

Anathema – electricity This is the version from the live album “A Sort of Homecoming” released on KScope in 2015. The concert was recorded in Liverpool Cathedral in March 2015. I have been listening to this band for… Read More

Song of the day

The Howl and the Hum – hostages From the album “Human Contact” (2020, AWAL records) So meet me on the bridgeWe’ll hand over our hostagesWe’ll shed our skinAnd fade into acquaintances This is how we dieBecome just you… Read More

song of the night

Her Name is Calla – the dead rift From the EP “the Dead Rift” 2018, function records Her Name is Calla – a moment of clarity From the last album Her Name is Calla released before they split… Read More

Song of the night

Johannes Oerding – anfassen From the album called “Konturen”. (2019, Columbia Records) The lyrics to this song are very touching and valid. German original: Wir wissen alles überallDoch viel zu wenig über unsUnd dieses Bisschen wird dann noch… Read More

Song for Tuesday night

Pink Floyd – hey you From the album “The Wall” (1979, Harvest). The song was written by Roger Waters. This one is a bit heavier, melancholic even, yet there is hope too. But I like the lyrics a… Read More