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Tuesday Song

Anathema – pulled under at 2000 metres a second

From the album “a natural disaster” (2003)

A bit of an aggressive song from an other wise quiet album.

I spent a lot of time online these last days and weeks, I went a bit more silent today. I also didn’t post anything on Instagram, but that was fully on purpose.

I shared something on Twitter tonight…


Jeff – http://eclecticmusiclover.com already reacted. He writes an awesome music blog, you should check him out. He is very thorough in his analysis of music, very knowledgeable.

Keep your eyes open… News of a collab release will be shared tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Lots of love


Monday Song

T E Morris – provenance

From the album “and you were the hunter” (2014) released on Function Records.

There is a video clip for this song too:

What can I say about T E Morris that I haven’t said before? I don’t know. A great man who gives healing hugs, is an insanely talented musician, has a good sense of humour…

Support Tom on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Tomelliotmorris

I admit, I withdrew my support on Patreon from most people recently. There are only three left:

Tom as mentioned above. Tom was also a member of Her Name is Calla.

MrSteJ – a DIY guide for musicians. He is a brilliant musician with lots of knowledge. He is willing to share. Funnily enough, he invited me into a Discord channel. I feel quite out of place there, and not. Most, if not all, of the other members, are musicians.

One of Stephen’s projects: wired to follow – departures. It is ambient music, for those who want to listen.

Matt Steady – memories

Matt Steady might be a bit different, but he, too, is a good guy who makes music with his entire heart. Matt’s genre is Celtic folk-rock, I would say. Guitar, fiddles, melodies, poetry…

And now that I shared these Spotify links, I wonder if I should have shared Bandcamp links instead.

Enjoy the music… Oh, I just noticed… All three musicians are British… Must be something in the water there.

Sunday Song

The Howl & The Hum – hostages

From the album “Human Contact” (2020). I am repeating myself with the songs I am sharing, but this one is my current earworm. I did a bad job at keeping up with music that was released this year, I am sure I missed many good releases, but for me personally, this is my album of the year.

I deleted many pictures on Instagram today. (@ micqu_1) There are reasons and there are none. I guess, in the end, everything comes down to wanting to be liked. I miss affection, I miss connection…

Lots of love from me to you.


Friday Song

Hammock – disappear like the morning

From the album “Raising your voice… Trying to stop an echo” (2006)

Once again, I was told that my music tastes are too random and that a red thread is missing in my posts. Well… I don’t care. I care about many things, but I refuse to be judged for the sounds that soothe my mind and caress my soul.

Happy weekend… and thank you for being on this journey with me. xx

Thursday Song

The Capollos – electrify

The latest release from the Capollos. I heard these Scots the first time while listening to this podcast: “What do you say”

Enjoy a bit of rock…

Wednesday Song

Snow Patrol – make this go on forever

From the album “Eyes Open” (2006)

I love this song, the build-up, the lyrics, everything. “Eyes Open” is one of the very few albums I own as LP and CD…

Tuesday Song

Antimatter – the immaculate misconception

From the album “Leaving Eden” 2007. It is a mostly instrumental song. I like the album, but never noticed the song until I listened to a 10-year anniversary version of the album where Mick Moss talked the listener through the entire album. I remember the moment… I was sitting in my car, just after signing an addendum to my work contract in 2017. Happy moment.


New fashion accessory

Me right now… Written off work until mid-January and then some… You guessed it, the shoulder.

Song of the day

Glen Hansard – Leave

From the soundtrack of the movie “Once” (2007).

I had plans last night. In a juvenile manner, I wanted to drink myself into oblivion to forget all these crippling feelings I have right now. But, as it is with plans, I had a glass of wine and went to bed early. No drunken tweets or messages or likes. Nothing. Just responsible adult behaviour.

I am sick and tired of not feeling good enough. And it is a conflicting feeling, because in my job and career, that feeling does not exist. There are no doubts. I am good in my job. But my private life is different. Relationships are different. I don’t make friends easily, and maybe I get too attached, I don’t know. When I meet people I like and click with I try staying in touch, making an effort, but I am not sure if it is appreciated or even asked for. And that’s something I can not process easily. Being rejected or abandoned in my private life adds to my depression and anxiety. Simple as that. Maybe I am just overthinking.

song of the day

Anathema – endless ways

From the album “The Optimist” (2017, Kscope)

I haven’t listened to this band in weeks, but felt like it this morning. The lyrics of this song took me a bit by surprise. It is not as if I never heard them; they just hit home a little more.

Stay with me, please believe
I can be your memory

My love will never be the same
And my heart is never going to regret

What a difference a week makes…

song of the day

For the first time in a long while, my mind is clear. There is no overthinking and no wish to share what brought this on. Because I usually share (over-share) when my thoughts are muddled, and I need to get things out of my mind. I am quiet because I am relaxed and comfortable in my own skin and in my own being.

No pain in the shoulder.

Kvelertak – Svartmesse

From the album Nattesferd (2016, Roadrunner Records). At first this might not sound like something for you, but wait for it. It is a great song, and the entire album is awesome. This is the third studio album of this Norwegian band.

Really cool animated video too:

And that would be my favourite of this band for me. Same album, song called Heksebrann. I plays more into my love for long songs without lyrics. This one has great melody and a couple of twists. 💜💜💜