Not perfect

I am my own worst critic and I often don’t like myself. My mood is a weird one recently. But hey… We all have these moments, right?

My last Saturday as a 35 year old. Next Friday I will turn 36 and to be honest, I wonder who will remember when Facebook doesn’t remind people anymore…

Here is me today… Free of filters, but taken in the dark. I like my eyes. And taken from the right angle, my double chin doesn’t show.

Me me me

Some writers like to stay incognito. Most bloggers prefer to stay unknown. I am a little different. I think once in a while it is good to see the people behind the screen and the eyes of of the writers. I also like to share pictures of my handwriting. Not because it is particularly pretty, but it completes an image. I am an open book anyway.

Like me or not. See me or ignore me. I am here… There is a lot of me, and I have some moments of awesomeness.

My book “Unquiet Minds” is still available on Amazon. And in my inbox. (



Old but happy

I am 35. I feel old today. But I also feel young. I received an invite to a school reunion. I was 12 when I saw most of these people for the last time. Now I look at their pictures and some look old, and I look like me. Do I look old for them too? I don’t feel like 35. How is one supposed to feel at this or that age? I have no idea. But. And this is important. I am happy and I am very comfortable in my skin these days. A fact that is not always true. Right now it is. Don’t worry, I am not in a midlife crisis even though I am repeating my age. I just like the sound of it. 35.

The pic was taken today. I dressed up and straightened my hair for work this morning. I was filmed. Hey… I never said that I am not vain.

Enough space take with nonsense. I wouldn’t share the pic if I didn’t like it.


Challenge accepted…



Getting rid of the long hair was a big deal for me. 40cm (16inch) were cut. I always looked young. I look even younger now. Quite weird actually. This change of hairstyle happened spontaneously (on a whim) and after many years of being proud of my long hair.

While my kids aren’t fans of the short do (my daughter cried!!), I honestly love it and most people seem to like it too. (Or they are just being polite.)

I can’t really put into words how this feels. But I am happy 🙂




So, a nice man was paying me compliments for this picture. First he asked if it was an old picture, then he said that ‘No, it can’t be, it takes years to become this beautiful’. I admit, it worked. I blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl.

Besides, I would not share a picture of myself that I don’t like. I like my eyes on this one, and my hair. The shadow on my face (from the rearview mirror) is annoying though. Just felt like sharing a picture of me again.

This is the same person who fell asleep while watching a movie for the first time tonight. Which movie, you ask? Logan. Yep… I slept through Logan, then I dragged myself to the bathroom and to bed in a semi-asleep state. And now I am wide awake. That’s me.