Catherine Micqu

Unquiet Minds…

… is available for your Kindle now. Yes, you read that right. Come on. You know you want it. There is a possibility to take a look inside the book.

Go, see for yourself.

Unquiet Minds on Kindle

Also, thank you to the recent Smashwords purchasers. You are heroes. You put a smile on a tired face. Thank you.


Unquiet Minds

I bring to you, Unquiet Minds. A poetry collection written over the last six years.

Unquiet Minds

This is the link to buy the ebook version from smashwords. The kindle and paperback versions will go live in 72 hours. Keep your eyes on the blog. I will share a link once it is live.

Thank you for your support. Share this book with your friends and followers, please.



More thoughts about (self-publishing)

I have all these thoughts in my head that want out right away…

Self-Publishing on paperback is such a pain in my (extremely sexy) posterior. (Sex sells, right!?) I can remember now why I didn’t bother with my first attempts… But the prospect of holding a real book made of real paper in my hands, with my words inside and outside, with my handwriting on the cover… It makes up for the hassle. It really does. In about 72 hours my book will be available for your Kindle and next week it will be on Amazon to buy as a paperback.

Exciting times. Even more so when I think back to last week. Last week, I didn’t even think about publishing.

Once again, go buy or download this amazing book called “Writing Notes”.

One of the first reactions: “I love this. It touches the heart”