In the blink of an eye

Awoken by the sound of an eyelash shed from its safe home;
Floating to the pillow that which is loaded with secret dreams and memories
A puff of sleepy breath prolongs its descend into oblivion,
Hiding it from the world; making it disappear – as if it didn’t mean anything at all.

Do you remember?

Do you remember the days when all we were was enough?

Do you remember the bliss, the joy, the laughter, and the scorching heat?

Where did we go?

When did we leave us behind?

Do you remember how I sound and what I taste like?

Do you remember that I promised forever?

When did we lose our selves?

Where did we go?

Do you remember?

Around the clock

I met you in January

Introducing myself as Carrie.

I fell in love in February

With a man called Harry.

We dated all through March

First kissed underneath an arch.

We made love every day in April

But then I learnt about Jill.

After your confession in May,

I asked you to go away.

I drank away the month of June

My mind was clouded every afternoon.

We ran into each other in July

After that, I couldn’t help but cry.

I called you in August

You promised everything would be all good.

The rain drenched us in September

Our lust was reignited like ember.

By October

I was completely sober.

It was cold in November

But our love had become tender.

On the last day of December

You said: “Listen and Remember!

I loved you every month this year

Without you, something was missing, dear.”

The clock was ticking and happy days were plenty

“Marry me!” My mind was blank and empty

But I whispered “Yes”; and so it began

The rest of our lives with you as my man.

Happily ever after, we grew old together

And our love stayed light as feather.

No mountain was ever too high

And if it was we spread our wings to fly

No ocean was ever too deep

And if it was, we came up with solutions in our sleep.

Year’s later, our lights are becoming dim

But my heart will always and forever beg me to swim

To you,

Until my eyes and your eyes are closed forever. That much is true.

That’s the way my love feels (throwback poetry)

June 2016

My love is like the rain. Starting as a drizzle. Turning into a cloudburst. It soaks you to your bone.

My love is like a cherry. A small bud that turns into a blossom. And then it turns into delicious fruit.

My love is like a song. A melody once heard; it turns into the most important piece of music ever played.

My love is like sand. Graced with lightning, it becomes a work of art. One of its kind.

My love is like spring. New and beautiful. Filled with tears too?

My love is like summer. Hot and passionate. Searing heat burns my skin.

My love is like autumn. A breeze. Comforting. Ever changing.

My love is frail and filled with desire. Not with demands, but with longing for an everlasting story.

My love is like the words I write. For you. Only for you. Raw. Unmasked. All consuming.

My love is hidden underneath layers of fears and doubts. But it is not hopeless. It can easily be found and uncovered.

My love is your love. That’s the way it feels.

From no one to someone

And then no one became someone, and she begged him not to disappear. He was the unshed tear, and fear of being abandoned that took root deep within. Too heavy, too loud, too intense; too much her. As if she was lost. As if she had lost the comfortable skin of sadness. She wished that someone was no one. To feel the pain; to know the unknown. To think instead of breathing. To drown instead of being caught. But no one had turned out to be her someone. And so she became someone too.

The narcissist

I never stole anything from you, except your heart

How many lies turn hate into love?

Tiny pieces of your self are now mine.

I’ll use them when I need them and throw them away when I don’t.

I never promised anything deep,

I’ll deny everything and say it was all in your mind.

My lies are killing you, and I am not concerned

It doesn’t matter, because I don’t care.

You gave me all you had to give; once I devoured it, it became nothing,

Goodbye my sweet flower. You have been plucked.

You have been fucked. On to the next.

It started with a kiss

Falling into the depth of your green eyes; surrendering to the touch of your skin against mine; ecstasy – throbbing flesh; quivering flesh. The heat, the moans, arched backs. I inhale the essence of our love pouring out of every cell, crannies, nooks, and cracks.

You kissed the rain out of my head and the words out of my mouth.

You sucked the air right out of me and gave me a life’s breath.

You took nothing and made it our everything.

Every touch awakens me from my melancholy haze. Lost all sense of time; nights turn into days. The heavy scent of our lust engulfs us – shields us from the world. More. I want more of you in me. Harder, faster – strangled cries; and you are falling into the depth of my brown eyes.

caged animals

We are all free. Sitting in our cages.

We sing songs. Forgetting their melodies.

Nothing really matters. Yet everything does.

Words are flowers. Bringing peace.

Words are weapons. Killing us, one by one.

But, we are free. As long as our cages are locked.

tbt – poetry

Draw me

Draw me in an ocean
Draw me in the sand
Draw me in the seas
Draw me on the land.

Draw me on the clouds
And push the sky away.
Draw me under your skin
In this special magic way.

Draw me in your music
And draw me on your sheets
Draw me in your mind
Draw me when we are in heat.

Draw my silhouette
Draw my soul
Draw my flaws
And draw what makes me whole.

Draw me in my sleep
Draw me on my knees
Draw a picture of me on your heart;
For I am your most precious piece of art.

(November 2017)