Howling at the lost sense and last tree in my brain
Every word you never said becomes a final fact
My breath stops filling my lungs
(I hate when that happens)
Whispers; loud and clear, turning into clouds
Thoughts are colliding with the edge of my spiralling circles
The voices stop dancing with my mind
(I hate when that happens)

Out of lust and love and touch
I am losing feathers from my wings
Never free to fly. Crazy.

Finally free

Paralysed, I am on my knees
And the ashes rain down on me,
But I will rise.

My head is held high;
Digging my way out of the dirt,
I will fly.

My angelwings lost some feathers;
bruised and a little broken,
But I am not afraid.

Time has taught me lessons;
they are etched in my mind,
unable to forget.

To be free I need to rise,
remembering to flap my wings,
I soar and begin to fly…

Unquiet Minds

My book is still available as a paperback on Amazon… It is a collection of poetry I wrote over the course of the last six years. If you enjoy my poems on this site, you will like the book too. I looks very nice too.

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Thirty seconds

Give me thirty seconds to look into your eyes. Thirty seconds will suffice. Give me thirty seconds, and you will see. Thirty seconds and you will fall for me. Give me thirty seconds to change your world. Thirty seconds; I will give it a whirl. Give me thirty seconds and look into my eyes. Thirty seconds to see my love and everything it implies.

Foreign soul

Foreign soul in an enchanted land, I’ll lay down and die for you. I’d bleed for you. Just to save you.

Foreign soul, therein lies the curse. I cannot close my eyes. I cannot stop to breathe. Just to save you.

Foreign soul, find shelter in my heart. I cannot unknow you. I cannot unbreak you. Just to save me.

Foreign soul, I forgot how to speak your language. But I understand your tears and your smiles. They save me.


Fear. I don’t know fear. I never have. I am not able to feel fear. Well, maybe I am, but I am not allowed to feel it. Fear lets one make mistakes and mistakes are deadly. Fear. I am afraid to feel it. To be paralyzed by it. To let it rule me. But here I am and I feel it creeping up my spine and spreading on my neck. Sweat is forming on my forehead, my view becomes blurry. I cannot afford to lose my senses, but here I am; blind, deaf, mute. I cannot see because sweat is continually dripping into my eyes and I can’t wipe it away or make it stop. I cannot hear because the pounding of my own pulse is the only noise in my head. My blood and my thoughts. White noise. The rest of the world is silent. I am silent too. I am silent. Deaf. Mute. Wordless. Barely existing. Nobody knows that I am alive. If I die, nobody knows that I ever existed. Fear. I was never able to feel fear. Now I do. I made mistakes. They paralyzed me. Fear. I don’t know fear. I am fear. I am ruled by it. Fuck fear. Fuck anxiety. I just want to hear, to breathe, to speak. I want to be me. Fuck fear…

Fellow traveller

I was a fellow traveller lost on this long winding road. Ready to give up; I sat and waited, but not one soul showed. The dirt and the dust were whirling through the air. Suddenly, you were there. You were pulling at my will to sit still. I got up and pasted my sweaty body against yours, and together we sailed to new shores. This fellow traveller had been found, minutes before she would have drowned. I became your queen, and you are my king, flying to the other side on a raven’s wing.


At night our bodies are wrapped in a dark veil. Our hands feel. Our lips taste. Our tongues leave traces.

At night our senses are heightened. Our fingertips feel the goosebumps on our skin. Our lips suck on erect flesh. Our tongues glide over pulsating veins.

At night everything is different. Everything stays the same. Doubts fade, only passion remains.


Our souls are dancing in the dirt

Our bodies know that they fit.

I taste your lust on my lips

You are rigid and pulsing on my tongue.

Our hands are entwined

Our eyes mesmerised

I feel your tongue in me

You are exploring my wetness with your lips.

Awoken from a deep slumber

Driven by lust and love

I beg you to complete me,

You fill me so good.

Our mouths silence our ecstasy

Our bodies are united at their core

I swallow everything you offer

You make me come undone

Our bodies are dancing to the song of passion

An afterglow of our naked feral lust

I am kneeling for you

Your hands are drawing a map of pleasure on my body

Our minds are overwhelmed

Our souls are complete.


Once in a while, there are poetry competitions on Wattpad. I admit, I am not very competitive, that doesn’t stop me from taking part. Mind you, I never won, but the challenge of using words or prompts is one I like. Here are 5 poems I entered in a competition this year.

Prompt: poet.

Prompt: hands

Prompt: clown

We received a list of words. The ones in bold were the ones I used.

The same list of words was used

Again, I never won. I am not bitter, but I know that I am not a bad writer. If I thought lesser of my writing skills, I would have stopped writing by now. Which in turn sounds conceited.

Why is life this complicated? And why do I twist my own words?

Any thoughts on those poems? Any inspiration maybe?


Man of lies

I would have offered my broken bed

Give you shelter

But you are a man of lies.

You need me to fail

But I changed

There are reasons for me to be.

Sometimes I am fading

I always will

My weakness is my strength.

When I see you there is music

I don’t believe you

You are deceiving.

These emotions rolling off my tongue

Everything for you

Nothing for me.

And I am drowning

And I am fading

You will not save me. You’re a man of lies.

How to stop time

I built a fort with blankets and invite you in

Inside, there is no time

No past, no present, and no future.

We can hide from the shadows of our lives

Pretend that there is no worry

No schedule, no responsibility, and no hurry.

Meet me in my fort and forget the world with me

Imagine that time stands still

Until we decide that it is time to move on

I built a fort with blankets, please, come in.

(Somewhere lies a short story in this, but I couldn’t grasp it.)

Hands on my skin

Feverish dreams
Tossing and turning
The past and the future
No lessons I am learning.

Hands on my skin
I cannot push them away
Taken against my will
“Stop” I whisper and pray.

But you didn’t stop
And you never will
I move on
I am standing still.

Twenty years later
You are still in me
You made me who I am
I will never be free.

Forced inside my body
Tattooed where you have been
I was fifteen when you had
your hands on my skin.

Vulnerable and emotional
Most days I grace you with silence
I don’t want to remember
You and your violence.

But today a friend told his story
And I feel brave this very instant too
It is not easy to speak;
To validate you.

I never forgot you and your smell,
I never will
Haunted in my dreams
Feeling the old chill.

You will never leave my soul
And no matter how far I run
You are already there
Declaring “this was fun”.

I was a victim of your lust
Not strong enough to kick you off
But a lot of time has passed
Is my forgiveness me being soft?

I don’t think it is
But I deserve more than the past
I own my present and the future too;
A future that will last.

When I want to give up
Your voice is part of the reason
It is hard not to give in
It is a battle to live to see another season.

Feverish dreams
Tossing and turning
These are old memories
Yet they are still burning.

Too many men and women survived the same ordeal
Superheroes in their own right
Broken but strong enough to see
Life is not made of darkness, it is made of light.


Crawling out of the small cracks you left on my soul

Crawling out of the dark and into the light

I am made of everything you ever wanted

I am made of everything

Soon you will want me like before
Soon I will repeat my mistakes

And I swear that I am better now

And I swear that I will not love you again

But I know better

I know better than to lie to myself

You are only a dream

I am only a dream



The rain washes these emotions off my sleeve
I wake up floating up into the sky
Blinded by the light
Burning by the heat
If I keep going in that direction, I will be lost
Far off inside a forest of new thoughts
The change sets in
My world moves
If I carry my heart away from here
The ashes of our love taking my sight
Forget me
I will forget you
Next to my cold soul lies a pile of broken memories
Stale thoughts
Bury them in a box
My hands are grazing the clouds
Fall to the ground
Fly safe
Drop on a pillow made of future emotions.

on repeat

I close my eyes and vanish underneath the sheets

My soul is tired

My soul is empty

My soul will heal.

Leave the light on and carry me through these dark streets.

My soul is tired

My soul is empty

My soul will heal.

Your love is music and now I am missing the beats.

My soul is tired

My soul is empty

My soul will heal.

My self is melting while our story is on repeat.

ruined memories

My soul is tired
I’m out of dreams
I am in too deep.

Lost in you
Losing at your games
I’m burning in the flames.

You don’t care
And I don’t matter
Words like weapons.

My clouds are filled with rain
Without me, you once felt pain
Abject loneliness profoundly fit.

Be gone. Ruined memories.