Catherine Micqu

Unumgänglich (German poem)

Horizonte verglühen hinter unüberwindbare Wellen die sich im grauen Firmament spiegeln. Furcht getränkt sind unsere verkümmerten Finger, sie umklammern das letzte verheißungsvolle Teilchen welches unser Ich zusammen hält . Die Zukunft verweht mit jedem verzweifelt hervorgepreßten Atemstoß. Ungewissheit trübt unsere Sinne. Und dennoch schreiten wir weiter; knien nicht vor den Zungen der Vernunft. Das Hirn ist überfüllt mit Ware die wir weder wollen, noch brauchen; der Blick geht ins Leere. Farben verblassen. Die Völlerei hat uns krank gemacht. Und schlussendlich verschließen wir unsere nackten Augen und werden zu vergessenen Erinnerungen die in unbekannten Tränen ertranken.

Drowning in a Sea of Voices

Dear Friends,

Did you notice? I published a new poetry collection. I am proud of it, it is filled with emotive words and lines.

Look at Amazon (worldwide) and you can order your copy from there, or, order it through this blog.

I know you want it. 🙂

Drowning in a Sea of Voices by Catherine Tricarico

Enjoy these poems with a glass or mug of your favourite drink, light a candle and put on some soft music. Come with me on a journey through the mind of a romantic fool. ❤

A review would make me happy too. 🙂 See? I am easy to please.

Thank you,


deactivated mind

Thoughts carved in stone weighing me down
Trees of souls burning in flames
Running out of ways to be myself
I lost the woman in the mirror
There should be passion and hope and lust
But I can only see void emptiness bathed in dust
Make me go away. Deactivated mind.

#tbt the person behind the screen

I am a creative exhibitionist
And I am a romantic in denial
I am a brave coward
And I am perfectly imperfect
I am hopelessly hopeful, too.

I am a taster of music
And I am a dancer in the dark
I am a silent talker
And I am a wordless writer
I am a starving mind, too.

I am easily bruised
And I am a truthful faker
I am a destroying maker
And I am a random thinker.

But above all, I am me. Cathy.


I am kneeling

Trying to see the sky

But the shadows conceal its beauty

Staggering through the laughing crowd

The blood is pounding in my ears

A song plays behind my eyes

I need to move, or else I will combust

My twin is laughing; my soul is weeping

And I see your thoughts

And I feel your words

I am hiding

Maybe I will find what I need while

I am on my knees.

A world away

I am sitting on my bed fearing the world spinning around me

It stops – abruptly

I look to my left and see you next to me

I breathe – heart beats

You smile and put your head on my thighs

I remember – understand

My hand combs through your hair, no words spoken

Safe – protected

I found a home in your eyes.

Sleep with me

Can you hear my heartbeat?

It is racing toward you

Yearning for your embrace

My nose is buried against your neck

It’s your presence and essence

They soothe me, saving me from my thoughts.

Your arms around me, my arms around you

Let me fall asleep inside you.


Carry me through the silent storms,

Only the wind knows our secrets.

And when I am on my own,

When the dark descends on me,

I wonder:

What if I will never be enough?