The anger is fading

And the anger
Is fading away.
All that’s left is
Rotten decay.

And the screams
Are silent for now.
The words are there
To use – but I don’t know how.

And all the colours
Are covered with a dark hue.
And the music –
It is gone too.

And I can’t feel;
Not love or hate.
Not joy or pain.
Just being in a mindless state.

And who catches me
On my way down
Or up?
Save me before I drown!

And I know
I will miss you.
And I know
That you will feel the loss too.

And the anger
Is fading away.
Uncovering colours,
Painting over the gray.

And the world
Keeps turning.
And my passionate soul
Keeps burning.

(repost from march 2016)


In my fragile state

I’m sinking.

No fight is left

No struggle worth it.



I asked to be saved

But no one heard

I demanded a rope

To pull myself out

But I couldn’t reach it.

I am sinking



Overflowing numbness.

When I close my eyes,

I am vanished – gone

And no one knows I even existed.

Leaving no trace.

I keep waiting

Silver slivers of an other world
Golden echoes of a past long gone
It is as if the warming summer rain never ceased to coat our skins
It is as if the most important part of you lives inside my pulsing veins
Gray clouds repeating your whispered word
White lies, hidden in a new song
It is as if your home is in my mind
But my mind is lost and home is hard to find
Iridescent pictures of the end of an affair
I vividly remember the way you used to ask “Are you there?”
Silver slivers, fragments of our story
Golden echoes, mirror of a promise I intend to keep

embers of memories

Embers of memories are glowing in the dark. I want them to burn again. I want them to go out. I want to give up, and I want to keep going. If we only knew. Embers of memories are burning me from within. Sometimes, the heat is comforting; other times, it is destroying me from just underneath my skin. I miss who I didn’t have; dream of opportunities we never dared to take. I am strong enough to fight. I know that I am your missing light. And yet… To have you and to hold you. To let these embers of memories become blazing flames again…

A raven’s wings

Crushed under the sunset’s rush
And the moon is new
And the stars are asleep.
Drawing patterns with my fingers
Tasting the last of you that lingers
And my mind calls for you
And my heart can’t recall you.
Crushed under the sunrise’s rush
The sun burns me
The light hurts my eyes
I fly into the dark
On a raven’s wings.

With me

Drive with me
Dive with me
Die with me?

Breathe with me
Be a thief with me
Open your eyes and see
With me.

We can be for never
I promise to keep waiting

The night is still
And so are we.
Listening to scared minds
Waiting on our windowsill.

Grieve with me
Leave with me
Be with me.

Lie with me
Shine with me
Find home in my arms
With me.

We can be for never
I promise to keep waiting


Inside the tight confines of our magic bubble,
Nothing can reach us.
Nothing can breach us.

Snow covers our traces
Rain hides our tears.

Into the sacred walls of my raging heart,
No on can enter.
Locked; back, front and centre.

Snow covers our traces
Rain hides our tears
Thunder drowns out our sobs
But the moon guides us home.

My fragile soul lies shattered and shy.
Hiding from your mighty eyes.
Cutting our last ties.

The weather is in my favour.
Dreadful, it makes me hide in the corners of myself
Until I forget who I am without you.

Relentless, you find your way through tiny cracks in me,
Saying you like me as I am
Refusing to leave me be.

Throwback Poem – this one was written in January 2016

For a while

For a while was written in a dark mood that changed while I wrote it, hence the three parts. I hope you enjoy it a little bit.

For I while I was considering to give up and stay silent. I cannot stay silent when the voices in my head are screaming.

Part 3

For a while I pretended to love

For a while I was drunk with lust

For a while I was angry

For a while I was hurt

For a while I missed you.

It’s been a while since you’ve been on my mind

It’s been a while since my every thought was dominated by you

It’s been a while but I am still yours.

my heart is open

My heart is open
My arms are open
I will be here to share your pain
I will be here to stand in the rain
My heart is just a fraction broken
My secrets still unspoken
I will be here to see your soul
I will be here to make you whole
My heart is open
My heart is hopin’
I will be here to see the burning desire
I will be here to be your fire
My heart is just a fraction broken
My soul has awoken
I will be here to stop you from leaving
I will be here to make you start breathing
My heart is still open
My love will never stop lovin’.