song of the day

Indochine – tes yeux noirs

From the album “3” (1986, BMI Ariola)

Yes… That’s a genre I like too. I speak French and German fluently, and when I was a teenager, it was easier to listen to lyrics I understood. I admit I had no idea what Indochine was singing about, I understood the words, but not their meaning. Indochine was political; they broke stereotypes and taboos; they sang about sex and homosexuality, about love and life, depression and death…

But, as it is so often, this band is not for everyone. They moved from the new wave genre to something rock-ier. My husband doesn’t like Indochine because of the way Nicolas Sirkis sings. Lots of ooohoos, ihiiis, and ahaaas.

Quite an interesting band some interesting history to dive in.

Enjoy your weekend.

Song of the Day

Kate Bush – cloudbusting

From the album “Hounds of Love” (1985, EMI)

Often, I am not a fan of female voices. I like Annie Lennox (all of her), Skin (Skunk Anansie), and Kate Bush. Those are the ones I can name at the top of my head.

Yesterday, I was listening to the album “Hounds of Love,” and this exact same caught my attention, and I had it on repeat a couple of times. Later, I listened to a Podcast, and the first song that was played was this one. I don’t believe in coincidences. Do you?

There it is. I do not intend to post a song every day, but we will see… I don’t follow rules and I don’t plan the blog… It is all very intuitive and improvised and very me. ❤

Song of the Day (Tuesday)

Blueneck – king nine

From the album “King Nine” (2014, denovali records)

This is it. March 31st. This music month is done with this particular song. It is unsettling, dark, but there is hope too. Usually, Blueneck is considered to be a post-rock band, but this song is very electronic. There are lots of effects on the voice, and the electronic sounds add to the experience too. Surprisingly, the trombone works well in this song, but if I learned anything, it is that post-rock and trombone can create massive soundscapes together. If you haven’t listened to the song yet, does this make you curious? I hope it does because I recommend the album “King Nine”, and also the very different “Repetitions” (2011, denovali records) is worth a listen. You can find Blueneck on Bandcamp.

I thank you all for your attention and support, I am not sure how long it will be before the next music-month. (The last one was in November 2019, check the archive to get to those posts – I think they aren’t tagged properly.)

Life seems to overwhelm me today (yesterday too).

It’s not your fault


Song of the Day (Sunday) (it’s 8:02pm)

Agent Fresco – autumn red

This song was on the 2015 masterpiece “Destrier”. (record records). Genre is Prog Rock and these Icelandic gentlemen know how to do it.

I can’t let you fall asleep

Keep your eyes on me

Keep your eyes on me

Can we all agree

Our dreaming tree bleeds

Agent Fresco – autumn red (they write poetry)

Grab your seat and enjoy.

Piano Day 2020

Slowburner – everything will be ok

This song was written especially for Piano Day 2020. Slowburner is a pianist and composer from Lisbon/Portugal.

Piano Day is traditionally on the 88th days of the year. A piano has 88 keys, that’s how Nils Frahm, creator of this day, came up with the date.

Nils Frahm is a German composer and pianist.

Re from the album Screws, released in 2012 on Erased Tapes.

Do you listen to piano music? Any favourites that you’d like to share?

Song of the Day (Saturday)

Annie Lennox – Money can’t buy it

This song is from the album Diva, 1992 (Arista Records)

If I am asked about my favourite female singer, I will reply: Annie Lennox. She is an awesome singer and I like the person she is. The humanitarian and the fighter. I really like her.

It is Saturday, I am still in bed. The sun is shining through the blinds, and I can hear some kind of normalcy outside. Birds and lawnmowers. There was the sound of a car accelerating on road, and the noise of a plane getting ready for takeoff.

If I didn’t know about our new normal, I wouldn’t suspect anything being different. It is a scary thought. Because, nothing is the same anymore.

Phew… Heavy thoughts this morning. I wish you all a nice day.



Album cover 10/10

This is the last album of the ten-day challenge.

These posts were scheduled. All of them were created on March 18th. I was nominated by Ollie.

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