Catherine Micqu

Thirty seconds

Give me thirty seconds to look into your eyes. Thirty seconds will suffice. Give me thirty seconds, and you will see. Thirty seconds and you will fall for me. Give me thirty seconds to change your world. Thirty seconds; I will give it a whirl. Give me thirty seconds and look into my eyes. Thirty seconds to see my love and everything it implies.

All around me

All around me are hands
Grabbing hands
Taking what I have to offer
Taking more.

All around me are voices
Nagging voices
Making me believe untruths
Making me believe

All around me are souls
Lost souls
Trying to find their way home
Trying to find

All around me are liars
Fucking liars
Burning with their words
Burning the city

All around me are versions of myself
Versions of who I could be
Too self-conscious to be who I am
Too self-conscious
To live

All around me are reasons to stay alive
Reasons to exist
Making me resist those crippling thoughts
Making me persist.

All around me…
… But I should find everything inside my self.

Unquiet Minds –


Take me

Shake me from within

Pleasure me

Treasure all of me

F*ck me

Suck my lust out of me

Carry me

Bury me with your passion.

In the clouds



Flying on the clouds.



What is left of this life.



Everything is written in the sky.