Showered with sadness

One moment, I was happily dancing in the rain, The next I was crying, cowering in my shower’s corner. The manic moments got fewer while the depressive episodes grew longer every time. Rationally, I knew that it was… Read More


I am kneeling Trying to see the sky But the shadows conceal its beauty Staggering through the laughing crowd The blood is pounding in my ears A song plays behind my eyes I need to move, or else… Read More

Fifteen months

(Repost from September 16th, 2016) And then it happened, and her demons won. Just like that and without a fair warning. They didn’t play fair. For fifteen months she had fought them off, and now she had lost… Read More

nothing as it seems.

Shelly sat on her bed, the laptop heating her thighs and knees. Things had changed; she had. Months ago, it was easy just to let every thought spill onto her screen, but now, it was a struggle even… Read More

#tbt what a difference 17 years make

This is an old picture of me. I like it quite a bit. In a time without photoshop or filters, I looked like this when the sun was about to go to sleep and the first half of… Read More

Et le temps court…

My bed is empty. My mind is full. I am tired, fighting a headache. Lying in the dark, I am listening to the rain. The window is open, and I feel the breeze on my skin. I know… Read More


One of my biggest and most irrational fears is to be forgotten. Rationally, I know that we don’t forget the people we like. We don’t forget the people who we invite in our lives or hearts. And yet,… Read More


2:45 am. I can’t sleep. I woke up from a dream – not a nightmare, but unsettling too. I keep trying to recall my dream, but it is gone – lost in the corners of my mind. I… Read More

Disappearing feelings

I am tired. These are disappearing feelings fueled by a tired mind. At least that’s what I am telling myself.

Throwback poetry

Throwback – I’ll never stop giving up

*stream of consciousness* I sit, and I wait. Sitting and waiting. And I hope that no one will ask what I am waiting for. I would answer “Life”, and they would quote John Lennon “Life is what happens… Read More

only love

“Come to me…” She heard the whispered words again and again. She saw the hand reach out for her, and she tried to grab it. But it was in vain. Her fingers never touched the ones that were… Read More