Letter to a stranger

Dear stranger, You have not always been a stranger in my life. You used to be a part of it. Of me. You could still be a part of it (of me) if you wanted to be. My… Read More

touching you/touching me

I wish I could touch something inside your heart I wish I could touch something inside your soul I wish I could touch something inside you, the way you touched me too. You are beyond my reach.

me before you

​Who was I before you and who will I be when you’re gone? Will I be able to breathe when you aren’t my air? And will I cease to exist when you aren’t there? Who was I before… Read More

Don’t Remind Me

​Were you the stitches that held my broken heart together? Were you in the words I erased from my page? Remind me of the reasons why I needed you? Truth is, I need you to fill the silence… Read More

no more shelter

I want to take shelter in your arms in their safety and your calm. I want to hide from reality and still see with clarity. Don’t let us end like this we had more than a myth. I… Read More

passion? obsession?

Passion? Obsession? It doesn’t matter. In the end we will fade like the stars at the break of dawn. We will stay memories written in the sand. An experience. Nothing more. Nothing of substance. I will be no… Read More


I can still feel your last embrace on my skin. I can still hear your last words whispered in my ear. My biggest fear is that you’ll silently vanish from my mind and leave a gap in my… Read More

Broken promises

Broken promises. J’ai fait une promesse And I broke it Ton coeur fragile I couldn’t keep it together. J’ai fait une promesse But I never stood a chance Ton dernier sourire Forever in my soul. J’ai fait une… Read More

Set me free

Through the open window the breeze comes in. It settles on my naked skin. You’re close, closer than you’ve ever been. I can feel it – within. Your presence seeps into me. You will never set me free…. Read More

The reality of my dream

Lost in the scary reality of this dream. You are there but you don’t recognise me. You look at me but you don’t see me. And I call your name and wave my arms. To no avail. And… Read More