no more running

I am out of breath,
My knees are scrapped,
My clothes torn.
My hair is in knots,
My vision blurry,
And I run away from life.

Until I stop.

You carry me away on your wings,
Your voice says the magic words.
I am desirable, beautiful, valuable.
I deserve your love, your smile, your time.
And the healing begins, within.
Everyone who looks at me can see that I am not running anymore.

You caught me.

Nothing will stay the same.
My smile is brighter.
My thoughts are lighter.
The melody in my heart plays louder
And the fire in my soul sparked a long lost passion.
There is no need to run any further.

I fall; you catch me.
I run; you stop me.
I freeze; you hold me.
I doubt; you love me.
You love me?
You love me!
I love you!

Not afraid of the dark

I was never afraid of the dark.
But then you stepped into my life.
Now I am scared shitless that the light you are will fade.
I never carried a lot of light.
But you are there now.
And I am scared that the dark will come back to claim me.
I knew darkness.
I am scared of the unknown.