​Wrong looks
Wrong words
Wrong thoughts
Wrong lives
Everything wrong.

Cast them out
Don’t allow them into our circle
They will infect our perfect world with imperfections.

What’s wrong with me?
Who made me this kind of wrong?
Why can’t my thoughts be less wrong?
Will I ever learn how not to be wrong?

I was wrong for too long.
It left me raw.
In their eyes my kind of wrong will never be right.

A leer
A sneer.

Turn life off. This is all wrong.

Just a comment


I’m just too proud about this one not to share.
I remember this story very well. I saw the movie ‘Once’ with Glen Hansard and felt inspired. It took me only two hours to write. From the start, I was drawn to that character and when the readers had nothing but praise for the Busker, I knew that I wrote a gem. What touches me about this comment here is that it feels as if I have made an impact. With my words and my imagination. It’s just an amazing feeling.

Link (of an unedited version – there are a couple of typos left in this one):