Catherine Micqu

A world away

I am sitting on my bed fearing the world spinning around me

It stops – abruptly

I look to my left and see you next to me

I breathe – heart beats

You smile and put your head on my thighs

I remember – understand

My hand combs through your hair, no words spoken

Safe – protected

I found a home in your eyes.

Fade away

Fading away

Gaping wounds on my soul
Ice in my veins
No one will cry
Or put flowers on this grave

See me fading away

Uncomfortable silence
Comfortably numb
Falling down
Drowning in a puddle

Stop beating heart
Stop shaking hands

Fading away

Turn off the lights
Close the door
Absolute loneliness
Look the other way

I faded away.

Sleep with me

Can you hear my heartbeat?

It is racing toward you

Yearning for your embrace

My nose is buried against your neck

It’s your presence and essence

They soothe me, saving me from my thoughts.

Your arms around me, my arms around you

Let me fall asleep inside you.


Carry me through the silent storms,

Only the wind knows our secrets.

And when I am on my own,

When the dark descends on me,

I wonder:

What if I will never be enough?

cold holes

I had all these holes in my thoughts
I felt forever cold
but then you came in
and filled the void with something new.

I will never be whole
too much damage, too much broken
trying to survive.
What if striving to be is not enough?

It is comfortable in my corner
experiencing the ever known.
It takes courage to take your hand;
I might pull too hard and kill you instead.

But you are filling the gashes on my soul
one after the other heals,
leaving fading scars.
The safest place is my head on your heart.

love me when my mind tells me little lies

Come to me, run!
Peaking out of the silent storm in my brain
Bathed in violent sensations only I can comprehend.

Don’t come near, hide!
Drowning you in my ocean of anxieties
Sinking your feathers in the quicksand of my self.

Hold me, tight!
Bleeding into you and stealing your soul
Caught just in time to withstand the abyss of my broken mind.

Set yourself free, fly!
Refusing to destroy your delicate nature with my depravities
I need your pleasure to thrive; to be alive!

Love me hard, please!
Found in the corners of my treacherous thoughts
Pulled into the flickering glow that is your unconditional love.

melting your clouds

Memories of us on my sheets. I wish you were here. I don’t want to wake up to reality. My eyes fight to open, and my brain refuses to activate itself. How can I survive the day when I am craving you? Where have you gone?

I sigh. There is no point in delaying the inevitable. I stretch my arms above my head, remembering how you held me down last night. I miss you already. My mind is still lingering on past days; I am not in the present yet. I shuffle to the bathroom to take a shower. It doesn’t even register that the water is running and why. My thoughts are whirling around my brain without making any sense. I push the curtain aside, and there you are. Naked as you came. You are not gone. You are here. With me. For me.

Water is cascading down your body. Strikingly handsome. I follow the rivers caressing your skin with hungry eyes, licking my lips. My gaze zooms in on your cock that is slowly filling. You smirk. I bite my lower lip, not thinking, just reacting to you. I push my shirt over my head, feeling the water splashing against my legs. You seize the moment when I cannot see and pull me inside the shower, my arm still tangled in the cotton cloth. My dry skin meets your wet skin. A moan escapes my throat as the air leaves my body. I drop my moist shirt on the floor. My panties get soaked. Your finger traces a drop of water down my breast. As the water keeps on running down, your finger stays there, teasing me. I look up and straight into your eyes. Your eyes get me every time. I am not sure why, but the lust in them, the feral desire, it affects me.

I am waiting for you to devour me, but I don’t have to be patient for long. You push me against the tiles, I giggle because I almost lose my footing, but you catch me with both hands on my ass. I raise my leg, and your hand glides down, supporting it. Your forehead touches mine.

The tension is crackling between us. Too much. I lick your nose, and you pull back with a deep husky chuckle. I follow you, as much as the confined space allows me. I touch your cock, and you growl. Memories take over. You know how to make me orgasm again and again — fingers, tongue, cock. You make me lose my mind.

Buried deep inside me, with our eyes locked, you pump in me. Fast, greedy, hard. I am not sure if it is water or sweat that is dripping off the tip of your nose, and it doesn’t matter. More. I want more.

The noise our bodies make, the low almost inaudible moans coming from your mouth, it is filling my mind. I grin, feeling how you are swelling inside of me. You nod, I moan. My head falls back, and you attack my neck. You are close. I can feel it. The tingling at the centre of my self is driving me mad. I can’t breathe. I can’t concentrate on you anymore. My hips are moving to meet yours. Out of control. Both of us are working towards release. My legs tremble, your lips find mine, assaulting me with an insatiable kiss. Your tongue dancing with mine, your hand pinching my nipple – hard, your cock – large inside of me. And then the world ends. I can’t move on my own. My sex is clenching involuntarily around you, and we are cumming together.

Out of breath, we collapse against each other. I giggle, you do too. I lower my leg and feel you slipping out of me. I am not ready to lose our connection and put my head on your chest, listening to your heart; is still racing as you tenderly kiss my head and smooth my hair.

Perfect start to the day. The mundane tasks of getting ready for work comfort me. I can’t resist bumping my hip against yours in the kitchen while you are preparing your daily smoothie. Everything about us is ordinary, yet, nothing is, because we are not. You are the moon that lights my stars. I am the sun melting your clouds.

broken open

I made room for you under my skin
Come; be safe in my heart.
The butterflies found me again
But I am scared that they will lose their wings.

Uninvited, you took me by surprise
And I feel myself slipping and falling
Into you
No reason to hold back or hide.

My self becomes vulnerable for you
Too intense are my feelings
No pressure, but I need you to stay
For now. It’s more than just play.

Your gift to me is happiness
Wrapped in worry.
I am okay, are you too?
Don’t allow me to suck you dry.

Gentle caresses
Meaningful conversations
My days are made of thoughts about you
If only our mind’s connection could be physical too.

Handsome man, there is a place in me for you
I will catch you, hold you, set you free
No chains, no promises made to be broken
Just you and me, raw and naked – open.


I tasted the rainbow on your aroused skin

I remember nooks, crannies and every part within

A life lived so many moans ago

However, the scars can only fade but never go

Years later, I still wake up

Heart pounding, erratic breathing, when does it stop ?

Memories of you are hiding behind my eyes

But I cannot distinguish between truth and lies

We lost too many pieces of our souls

Soaked from gaping wounds and dripping from their holes.

If the rain knew how to resurrect the last bits of me

The sun would kiss your cheeks and set you free.

Empty eyes

Empty eyes
No more dreams
Ears filled with tears


Whoever you were then,
Only a stranger now
A mask in the mirror


No warning
A storm in a glass
Hiding behind empty eyes.