Seven doors

There was once a girl, blonde pigtails on her head, white tights, blue dress, and black shoes; that’s how she was clad.

She lived in a big house, with parents, servants, dogs and cats, and even a small mouse.

One day, she was fooling around, she opened every door she saw, counting out loud.

Behind door one, the were balloons, confetti, a clown, and cookies; it looked like a lot of fun.

Behind door two, sat an old man. He told stories of ancient times, and her excitement grew.

Door three was locked with a key; she imagined a forest, exotic animals, and a huge tree.

Behind door four, the girl had a quick peek. Were there dwarfs playing on the floor?

Behind door five, there was a party, she took a look but quickly exited the beehive.

Door number six was closed. She opened it and groaned. Nothing worth seeing, just pile of bricks.

Behind door seven, all her dreams were fulfilled, and she flew straight up to heaven.

But every last dream must end, and it left the blonde girl awoken, smiling, and content.

An adventure needed to be planned to be experienced firsthand. But first, the little girl had to reign over her vast land.

Never forgotten were the seven doors, but she had to fight more important wars.

Years later, the girl was grey and old, but many stories were waiting to be told.

Here grandchildren listened eagerly, to the fantastic stories of their favourite granny.

And she remembered: “There was once a girl, blonde pigtails on her head, white tights, blue dress and black shoes that’s how she was clad…”

Before the night ends (a to z – b)

Before the night ends, keep your eyes closed

Remember my voice; my breath on your skin.

Before the night ends, hold on to that dream;

Images of us dancing in your mind

Before the night ends, admit that we were happy.

We laughed, we cried, we loved; at least we tried.

Before the night ends, I will kiss you in your sleep.

I will be gone when the sun kisses your naked body .

Before the night ends, we belong to each other;

But it is when we are awake that we hurt the most.

When we are awake, we wish we could hold each other.

When we are awake, we pretend that we don’t care.

When we are awake, we try to remember our dreams

When we are awake, we taste the remnants of each other on our tongues.

When we are awake, we long for another night.

Before the night ends, we don’t care about the cold reality of the lonely morning.

Adrian (improvised A to Z)

Adrian sat on the stairs in front of his house; a cigarette was dangling between his fingers. Ash was forming at the tip, glowing in the dark. He took a long drag and exhaled a cloud of smoke. He looked back into the empty house. No one was home. No ever was anymore. The situation got to him, isolation. Not so much the social distance, but the physical distance. In the distance, a dog barked, and Adrian looked up.

“I know, buddy. I know,” he sighed and flipped the butt of his cigarette away. Wiping his hands on his thighs, he got up with a grunt. Life was not waiting for anyone. Even less when most people were sitting in front of their screens, waiting for their daily distracting.

Adrian went to the kitchen, took a bottle of beer, and popped the cap with his lighter, and didn’t bother to pick it up. He set up his gear, took off his shirt, and exhaled through his mouth.

He pushed “start broadcast” and smiled. “Hi there… I am Adrian, and I am going to sing some songs for you.” He grabbed his guitar from the couch behind him and began his lifestream—the first one in April.

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Song of the Day (Thursday)

The Cure – trust


From the album “Wish” released in 1992.

There’s no-one left in the world
That I can hold onto
There is really no-one left at all
There is only you
And if you leave me now
You leave all that we were
There is really no-one left
You are the only one
And still the hardest part for you
To put your trust in me
I love you more than I can say
Why won’t you just believe?
Lyrics by the Cure.
I love the Cure. Not everything, but most. “Pictures of You” is another favourite. Trivial fact: both my favourite albums of The Cure aren’t on Spotify: “wish” and “bloodflowers”
It is 9:25 in the morning, and my mood is not the best. My shoulder hurts, and my mind does too.
I am irritated and really not ready to face the world today. But the house is filled with people and I don’t have anywhere to hide.
If you need me, a chat, a distraction… I am here and you can find me on my social media channels. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. ❤

Album Cover Challenge

My good friend Ollie invited me to take part in a challenge. In the next ten days, I will share a picture of an album cover daily. These records changed my life and made helped shaping the person I am today. There will be no explanation, but questions are allowed.

Let’s begin.

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