Wednesday 3

This spoke to me because I am ready to leap. I waited for a long while, but I think, if I can muster the courage and maybe have a little final shove, then change is near. It is about time I act and brush away my self-doubt.

1. I almost finalised my novel. The format and ISBN are sorted, I just need to revise one last time to get rid of the pesky spelling errors that fly under the spellchecking radar

2. I made pizza from scratch, yummy

3. I rediscovered how much fun writing can be. I am a good writer. I really am.

4. Chatted with an old acquaintance

5. Was asked about my opinion on a new track by a musician who follows me on Twitter. I was honest and kind.

6. I accepted something to come to its end, even though I would have preferred it to continue.

7. I am struggling a lot with myself these days, but I will get there. If I could only allow myself the same kindness and care I offer freely to others.

8. Music. Braver and Stronger was my song of the day (see post). Song of the night:

Glen Hansard – Leave. From the motion picture “Once”. There is so much emotion in that song. I like Glen’s music a lot. I saw him live once and it was the first time I shed a tear at a live gig. He played this song:

Bird of sorrow from the album Rhythm & Repose (2012)

9. It is okay to fail. It is okay to have flaws. It is okay to show emotions (not only write about them…)

10. Goodnight. xx

Throwback – it’s the little things

  • Crying during a movie
  • A song that turns back time and carries you to one specific moment
  • A book you can’t set down
  • Tea that has the right temperature
  • The sun shining through trees
  • A formation of clouds
  • A rainbow
  • Thunder and lightning
  • A right pressure on the spot where your back hurts most
  • A child saying your name
  • A child giving you a hug
  • Birthday wishes from people you thought had forgotten about you
  • An evening with friends
  • Hugs (but hugs aren’t a little thing)
  • A song on the radio that you like
  • Your child singing along to your favourite song
  • An entire paragraph that was written without a typo
  • Writing the first words after having felt uninspired for a long time
  • Not setting the alarm
  • Empty plates
  • A decent parking spot
  • One last chewing gum when you thought there weren’t any left
  • A smile from a stranger
  • Giving a busker some money and the gratitude in their eyes when you offer to buy them something warm to drink
  • Old pictures
  • New songs
  • The smell of my pillow
  • Clothes that are still warm from the tumble dryer
  • Smooth skin
  • Even numbers (grocery shopping, gas pump)
  • The scent of my favourite perfume
  • When the hurt goes away
  • Being aware of life’s beauty
  • Not forgetting life’s challenges
  • Sleep
  • Lists
  • Realising that many little things make some big things
  • A kiss
  • A good dream
  • Serenity
  • Thinking without succumbing to melancholy
  • An old voice message that still makes you smile
  • A memory
  • Knowing that everything will be alright (even if it doesn’t look that way)
  • Being present (are you there?)
  • The clock that says 23:09 or 08:02
  • Sunrise
  • Not feeling regrets
  • Remembering a friend who has passed away
  • Thinking of people who changed our lives (I am thinking about you daily lately – are you there?)
  • Notifications
  • Stars
  • I am what I am
  • The wind in my hair
  • The soundtrack of my life
  • The perfect shade of your favourite colour (raspberry or aubergine)
  • A picture that touches you
  • A song that pulls at all the right strings
  • Being understood without the need to explain everything in detail
  • A life in pictures that were never taken
  • Everything and more

Affirmation 2018

I am who I am because I fought to become this version of myself. My opinions are often not very popular, and my way of viewing people and life is a bit peculiar. But I – like you and everyone reading this and not – I am made of every choice, every thought, every emotion I ever experienced. I am who I am because no one is like me. I am unique. I am awesome. To some I am beautiful. I have flaws, and that’s okay. I am talented in my own style. I am not perfect, and sometimes, I am selfish, but… I am me and I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be seen. I deserve to be here. I am who I am. I am Cathy.