AtoZ 2021 – V

I never met anyone like you again. Covered in a velvet veil, your very soul was revealed. It was a view to swallow and conserve away from the vastness of my mind. After all these years, you still visit me in my memories.

Velvet revolver – slither


VETO – Cannibal

AtoZ 2021 – T

This test we failed was the best thing that happened to us, or was it? Time will tell if we will ever get rid of the toxins that are taking over our hearts. Let’s take the taboos we shared and wrap them into towels. We could throw them into the bin or hide them in the nearest town. We could try to trust again and taste every touch of our souls. Thank you. 💜

The Twilight Sad – There’s a Girl in the Corner

The Lost Stories (repost from April 2019)

Sometimes I wish there was something in my head to record and store thoughts and ideas for later use. (A brain maybe?!) For instance, I was brushing my teeth, and I had a vision of a first scene for a novel. I formulated sentences and all. When I spat the toothpaste out and rinsed my mouth, I took my phone to write it down, but my mind was blank. It happened before, and it will happen again, I know. But I wonder if I will forget the next bestseller this way.

It was something like this…

He closed the door with the heel of his foot and took off his mask. He shuffled a few steps to the fridge, took out a can of beer and made his way to the couch. It had seen better days; he had too. With a sigh and a groan he fell down and closed his eyes, assessing his body after today’s job. One of his ribs hurt, his left eye was swollen, and his feet hurt. He bent over to take off the tight boots and let them fall down on the floor. He wiggled his toes; freedom. His cape got stuck when he sat back again. Cursing, he got rid of the piece of cloth. He tried to throw it across the room to his boots, but it refused to fly. Just his luck. He was tired of his job, and it dawned on him – it was time to retire as a superhero. After two decades of saving humans from their own stupidity and not once facing an evil counterpart, it was time to stop. Being a superhero was annoying, but what else was he supposed to do?

There was a knock at his door; he didn’t get up. He had earned a couple of hours of rest. But the slip of paper being pushed under his door spiked his curiosity. It was an odd thing to happen. Mysterious.


Does this happen to you too? Do you imagine a story but before you can write it down, it has faded from your memory? I call them lost stories. 

Repost because it happened again today… 🙂

AtoZ 2021 – S

My soul is burning as it is slithering through the silver soil. Slivers of seas, buried in salt. And the sun is the winter’s sub, waiting for the right order. My soul is burning, slipping silently into the skin of the oppressed. Subjective submissives. Tell me what I need to do to be less sad.

Subway to Sally – Meine Seele brennt

AtoZ 2021 – R

I write about the romantic remnants of our relationship, about the red roses and their thorns grazing my skin. Do you remember the reasons why we retreated in different directions? The rest of our lives as a couple was cut relatively short. But, rest assured, I’ll stay reasonable. I’ll remain silent. I read your writings on rivaling social media channels, and I try running away from the new you. But I can’t. I am restless without you. You are my rock, my room to breathe, my favourite record of them all. In retrospect, I don’t have any regrets or resentments. What we had was real and right. And yet, we can never redo what we carelessly turned into rubble and debris. And what remains at the end of the day are the memories, the colourful dreams, and the knowledge that nothing ever was as it seemed. Rented emotions on a river’s bank. We were trying to swim but drowning in responsibilities and realities.

Red Room Cinema – apsis III: we raise our eyes between walls of glass and steel

AtoZ 2021 – Q

Questions. Quiet questions. Quotes of the past. Quite forgotten, but not yet. Quitting the cages of wooden expectations. And the queen of the rain, slips on quarantined thoughts. A quick stroke of the quill decides her fate.

Queens of the Stone Age – no one knows


Depeche Mode – question of lust

AtoZ 2021 – P

Every performance was one-hundred percent on point. Not one person would have doubted the passion nor the authenticity. But her personal emotions were well hidden under a layer of professionalism. No hair out of place, no profanity at the tip of her tongue. It was possibly something almost like perfection. Like a pendulum, she felt her feelings swing from positivity to negativity, and it showed in her online posts. Once again, she pleaded in silent prayer to please the people in the audience. She put her pen down, took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and practiced gratitude. Pushing a sheet of paper away, she felt her body relax. Meditation was a great escape, but more than that, it was a piece of peace.

Pearl Jam – Pendulum