Wednesday Song 2

Matt Gold – Void

From the album “Drown Before You Swim” (2012)

Matt is an incredibly talented independent artist from Brooklyn, NY. He is a singer/songwriter, actor, and photographer. I like his creativity.

My best friend, Jamie, shared the above song with me when he separated from his boyfriend. (Shortly after they came together again and married)I miss Jamie a lot. He passed away in 2015 – I guess you know that already.

Check out MattGoldMusic on #SoundCloud


Wednesday song

Sam Bouraoui – liar

Song released in 2020 by a Luxembourgish artist.

I think this song is very well done, showcasing the vocalist’s range. Apart from that, I don’t have much knowledge about this artist…

Have a nice evening.

Flash #17

Once, she was diagnosed with bpd (bipolar disorder) but it turned out it was adult ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). And she only got tested because she was curious and her symptoms were the same as a man’s she knew.

Once, she was officially not allowed to work alone. The shoulder issues were severe and required surgery. But she was alone anyway. And worked her butt off. With lots of success. “You are his favourite” one mom said. “She loves you so much” a dad said. “Can you please take over tonight and show the Crèche” her boss said. She felt validated. But the team was not great. She loves her job anyway.

More? Yes… She ordered too many records and was waiting for more to arrive. 3 arrived today, 4 were still in transit. 3 arrived Monday and Tuesday. Expensive hobby. But I am not an audiophile. Sorry she… Oops.

Was this about me? Yup, you are right.

Flash #16

The nights are short; the days are long. The exhaustion is palpable in every step. Little mistakes and errors happen more and more. Nothing major, and all is good. It is a good kind of tired.

Flash #15

Too tired to think, and there was not one memorable song in here life that day. Twenty-two hours awake and two glasses of wine. There was nothing left to say. Just diving into a dream state – yes, that was all she needed that day.

Flash #14

Every thought, every dream, every memory – everything carries me to you. And your green veil covers me in peaceful serenity. Until another page is turned and a new song is written.

Saturday Song

Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse – centre of gravity

From the album “wisdom of crowds” (2013). Bruce Soord is the founder of the British band “The Pineapple Thief”. He wrote an entire album with Jonas Renkse’s voice in mind. Jonas is a founding member of the Swedish band Katatonia. They were on the same label: Kscope. Both musicians are very talented in their own right; together, they created something very great. Their album is partly rock and partly electronic, partly prog too—a big mix of genres that showcase Jonas’s vocal skills.

Enjoy the music 🙂

Have a great weekend.

Flash #13

Such a disappointment. Or maybe none at all? If there are no emotions and no expectations, there is no disappointment and no hurt. I don’t know how to react. Am I too hard on myself? I sigh deeply, a habit I took up last October, and step through the door. I look at the clear blue sky. The sun shines through the trees; it heats my skin. It is freezing cold, but the sun – it feels so good. So so good. Overthinking. I should not overthink the things that are not in my control.

Friday Song

City and Colour – the grand optimist

From the album “Little Hell” (2011). Dallas Green is City and Colour. He was also the singer of the band Alexisonfire. I like it when a vocalist can be this versatile. Anyway… As City and Colour, Dallas Green records most instruments on his own… Talented guy with a great voice.

Have a nice one.

Thank you for the love

Flash #12

Dear Stranger

It has been a while. Lots happened, and yet, nothing changed. A lot has changed. The way we are together has changed. As if there is a friendship building. Slowly. And apart from the dirty fantasies and sex calls. It feels comforting. There are no expectations and no pressure. Just there. A while ago, this would not have been possible. A normal, real conversation would have been unthinkable. But it is not anymore. And I am grateful for that. I am not in love; you aren’t either. But there is connection and affection tinting our brief chats. For years, I wanted you to see me. And now, now you do. It took a pandemic to make you see me. It shouldn’t be like this, but it matters. It is important for me that you see me, and I feel serene when you are near.

Forever yours,