Tuesday Song

Drife – matter now

Drife is a Luxembourgish indie/alternative band. After the first lockdown in spring of 2020, the band went to the studio to record five new songs. They will be released consecutively until Spring 2021 and will be released as an EP. The above song was the first of them and went live in December 2020.


Flash #23

Follow me, and I will follow you. I will never read your posts and rarely like anything about you. But, you know. Numbers… It is all about numbers. And it will look good on your profile. On mine too. Obviously. Follow me, and I will follow you. No matter how much, I really don’t care about you. I couldn’t care less about your account. I just need you to make me look better, more famous, more liked. And if you dare to call out my follow-for-follow strategy, I will call you fake and block you. I don’t want any superficiality on my account. Does this new filter show my good side? Like me! Follow me, and I will follow you.

I’m sorry, but I don’t play that game.


We all know this: we post something publicly, and we receive a generic comment asking us to visit their blog or profile and follow them. Truth be told, for me, it is an immediate deal-breaker. You see, I am a curious person, and I visit profiles when I see new names popping up; I also visit profiles and accounts of new people who comment, but not if they ask me to do it. I don’t know what that says about me, but I never do follow for follow. Maybe that is why my numbers are quite low. I am stubborn like that. 🤷‍♀️

Flash #22

Dear Life, can we put you on hold today? I know the answer is probably “no,” but, you know, there is no harm in asking. And I mean, it is 8 am; I have been up for 3 hours already. And well… I hate to admit it, but I have been crying for no reason already too. So, please be gentle today. Please go easy on me.

Sunday Song

Silver Høyem – run away

From the album “Roses of Neurosis” (2021)

Sivert is a Norwegian musician who rose to fame with his band Madrugada. After the tragic end due to the accidental death of Robert Burras (guitarist), the band called it quits for a long while. Sivert continued making music, releasing albums, and going on tour. Now, this year he released the above album, a five-song EP. It is everything we love about the artist—rock songs with a nostalgic and melancholy charm. Sivert’s voice carries every song and drives it home. He is definitely one of my favourite solo artists around.

Happy Sunday everyone

Flash #21

It’s not what you think. It is not love. I am not in love.

Sunday morning song

This one was written this morning. The sun was shining through the window, and I was thinking about the past. Not dwelling on it, not missing it. Just remembering. It was nice—a serene moment.

I noticed that many people are negative these days. They are vile and feel like the victims. They are afraid someone is gossiping about them, and yet, they are doing the same. It happens online and in my daily life too. If people spent more time focussing on themselves and what they have instead of focussing on others and what they want, they would be more content.

Yesterday, I had a discussion about merch and art. I did not get the artist’s point; I did not understand it. The other party was trying to explain. And after some back and forth, I conceded that I misunderstood the artist’s intention. It was a discussion that was respectful and informative. And yet, I was worried that I had offended the other party and got in touch in the evening planning on apologising – if necessary. Obviously, I had not offended them, and that was due to the tone of the discussion.

I am confronted with so much negativity all the time that I noticed that I am walking on eggshells and always afraid to step on someone’s toes. It is exhausting. And it is surprising when someone is an adult about a discussion.

We could all do with some positive vibes these days.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Flash #20.1

Let me be the dragon in your story, fighting for fame and glory.
Bad to the bone, existing all alone.
Could it be that everything is about me? Or maybe, everything is about you, could that be true?
Let me be the demon in the dark, waiting on my mark to devour the one I never truly knew – you.
I must be the biggest villain, none in a billion
because I am not blue, unlike you.

(Usually, I don’t revisit pieces I wrote, but tonight I had to do it. Is it better? What do you say?)

Flash #20

Let me be the dragon in your story. Bad to the bone. Could it be that everything is about me? Or maybe, everything is about you, could that be true? Let me be the demon in the dark, waiting to devour you. I am the villain, because I am not like you.

Flash #19

Watching old pictures, she wondered where the young girl went. When had her youth faded? A wilted flower in pale skin and excess fat.

Flash #18

Too busy to find words. Too busy to be yours. Just mine. Today.