It goes both ways

This thoughts is still valid 3 years later. And my mentor, Robert, who is not with us anymore, commented on this post, too. What do you think?

Catherine Micqu

I am a firm believer of “everything happens for a reason” and ” people walk parts of your journey with you for a reason”. Until now, I only applied it to me. This person entered my life for a reason, and this person left for a reason. The reasons (phew… Lots of reason here), the reasons aren’t always understandable at first. Most often, we only understand the lesson we learned in hindsight. We are learning from the memories and experiences we made.

I recently understood that this works both ways.

I struggled with the fact that a person is not an active part of my life anymore. It was (and partly it still is) hurting my most sensitive feelings. And I miss him. But the truth is, I don’t miss him. I miss the idea of him. I miss the knowledge that he was just a swipe on the screen…

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handwritten poetry

Monochrome colours

Old poetry

Flash #8

And then she said: STOP. She screamed the word for the world to hear. STOP!! And she stopped.


Silent Gold

Best reply I read today

A site on FB changed their logo for pride month. Many people are taking offence.

Woman A: I will unfollow your page.

Woman B: this is not an airport. *waving emoji*

Woman A: what does this have to do with an airport?

Woman B: that’s the only place where you announce your departure.

I laughed too loud about this, but it was spot-on. If you want to unfollow a page or a person, just do. What are you expecting? Someone begging you to stay? Someone kissing your behind and blowing sugar up your bum? No one is that important. We are all replaceable. It’s that easy. No one is special. We are all the same.


I wake up with empty hands.

Swinging from a pendulum,

I slide into an empty hole.

Breath again. Deeply. But I can’t.

You stole my breathing air.

I slip into monochrome dreams

Where only you can find me.


My last thought of the day is always yours. I’m trying to think of something someone else, but I never succeed. Always you and the way your green eyes look deeply into my soul.

Stormy roads


Every road carries me to you. Through storms, across oceans, over mountains… My home is where you are. Are you there?


I left myself somewhere in a corner. Empty shell. Did I hide too many pieces of me under your skin? I’m not feeling my self. Sweet forlorn memory.

Shine on me

Shine on me, midnight moon…

Nothing but the wind

There is no sound but the wind and the rain. There are no cars and no planes. No other people and no birds. Just the wind and the rain. And the silence of a Friday night during lockdown/curfew.

I step on the street and close my eyes. It is as if I was alone on this earth. I am alone in my mind. For once. And I smile. The rain on my skin feels good. The wind in my hair feels better. I fight the urge to stretch out my arms. I am a cliché as it is, standing in the rain with closed eyes and a smile.

But these small moments when there is only me, the rain and the wind, those are precious moments. They are moments when I am very aware of my being, and yet I also feel so very serene; peaceful.

Tonight’s clouds and a star or planet (20210521)

A week of daily songs

I rarely do things without a reason or motive. The same goes for the last week of songs I shared.

I shared the artists and bands, starting last Wednesday because they can all be linked. With the exception of MrSteJ. All the other artists worked together on this or that project or song. They are all connected.

Who knew?! Well, me, of course.

Can you find the links and connections?