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Song of the Day

Rag’n’Bone Man – all you ever wanted

The British musician born Rory Graham released his latest single on January 29th (his 36th birthday). The single will be on his second studio album, “Life by Misadventure” announced to be released in April 2021.

Have a nice day…

Song of the Day

Soen – Lunacy

From the album Lotus (2019). This song was suggested to me in a Spotify daily mix playlist. It is a prog rock playlist.

Soen is a Swedish supergroup with members of notable acts like Opeth, Amon Amarth, Testament… Lotus was their fourth release.

Fun fact: Soen is a word that exists in Luxembourgish too. It means “saying” in my native language.

28 years ago, my grandfather passed away. One of these days, I will tell the story of why I only have one positive memory of him.

Tuesday Song

Drife – matter now

Drife is a Luxembourgish indie/alternative band. After the first lockdown in spring of 2020, the band went to the studio to record five new songs. They will be released consecutively until Spring 2021 and will be released as an EP. The above song was the first of them and went live in December 2020.


Sunday Song

Silver Høyem – run away

From the album “Roses of Neurosis” (2021)

Sivert is a Norwegian musician who rose to fame with his band Madrugada. After the tragic end due to the accidental death of Robert Burras (guitarist), the band called it quits for a long while. Sivert continued making music, releasing albums, and going on tour. Now, this year he released the above album, a five-song EP. It is everything we love about the artist—rock songs with a nostalgic and melancholy charm. Sivert’s voice carries every song and drives it home. He is definitely one of my favourite solo artists around.

Happy Sunday everyone

Wednesday Song 2

Matt Gold – Void

From the album “Drown Before You Swim” (2012)

Matt is an incredibly talented independent artist from Brooklyn, NY. He is a singer/songwriter, actor, and photographer. I like his creativity.

My best friend, Jamie, shared the above song with me when he separated from his boyfriend. (Shortly after they came together again and married)I miss Jamie a lot. He passed away in 2015 – I guess you know that already.

Check out MattGoldMusic on #SoundCloud


Wednesday song

Sam Bouraoui – liar

Song released in 2020 by a Luxembourgish artist.

I think this song is very well done, showcasing the vocalist’s range. Apart from that, I don’t have much knowledge about this artist…

Have a nice evening.

Saturday Song

Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse – centre of gravity

From the album “wisdom of crowds” (2013). Bruce Soord is the founder of the British band “The Pineapple Thief”. He wrote an entire album with Jonas Renkse’s voice in mind. Jonas is a founding member of the Swedish band Katatonia. They were on the same label: Kscope. Both musicians are very talented in their own right; together, they created something very great. Their album is partly rock and partly electronic, partly prog too—a big mix of genres that showcase Jonas’s vocal skills.

Enjoy the music 🙂

Have a great weekend.

Friday Song

City and Colour – the grand optimist

From the album “Little Hell” (2011). Dallas Green is City and Colour. He was also the singer of the band Alexisonfire. I like it when a vocalist can be this versatile. Anyway… As City and Colour, Dallas Green records most instruments on his own… Talented guy with a great voice.

Have a nice one.

Thank you for the love

Wednesday song

Pearl Jam – Alive

From the absolutely brilliant album “Ten” released in 1991.

My days are long and filled with uncertainty. What will happen?

Saturday Song

HIM – when love and death embrace

From the 1997 debut album of the Finnish band HIM, called Greatest Lovesongs Vol.666

A trip down memory lane for me, this one. I admit, I prefer their harder songs, but this one is great too.

And then there was the Chris Isaak cover… A solid cover version of a classic.