three o’clock

Three o’clock in the morning, your thoughts are touching mine. I saw you in my dream, up until then, I was fine. But your presence behind my eyes makes me sad and makes me smile. Our last conversation has been awhile. If you were mine to have and to hold… but our love grew cold. In another life I would be your perfect wife; but right now, it is better not to matter. Oh, I am lonely without you, and I hope you’re feeling it too. I promised to keep waiting for your love, and parts of me are still here; kind of. Ah, if I just didn’t care, but it is three o’clock in the morning, and you are not there.


If I have to leave to see you smile, I will vanish into thin air,

I will leave no trace in your world, and I will fade into a dreaming light

For my love will stay under your skin and on your tongue

You in me turns into eternity.

Fading like a wild flower

Her colours are fading like Mother nature’s when autumn turns to winter. But spring will bring renewal. Under the thick layer of cold white snow, flowers are preparing to bloom.

A wildflower at heart; an explosion of emotions guiding her thoughts. One day her mind will be able to fly high in the sky.

Look into my eyes and tell me that my existence does not mean a thing to you!

Yesteryear’s love

There are hints of me in every corner of your mind

I hide in every word you speak and whisper

Three-hundred sixty-five thousand afterthoughts and lost moments

The impalpable dent on your soul is where I found my invisible home

And I melt on your tongue when your dream vanishes at dusk

Steady! Forget to feel me in your breathing air

I will forever linger on your skin; a veil of the past leaving you blind

And you’ll wish that you’d remember who left the void inside.

I’m still loving you



I don’t know where I am going.

Would you catch me if I ran?

Would you take me back again?



Say something; tell me

That I am in your heart

And that I inspire your art.



I can still feel you under my skin.

Life is not the same without your light

Let me fall asleep in your arms; hold me tight.