Oops, I did it again…

…social media detox. Again. Deactivated Facebook, again. Deleted Wattpad, again. It is not as if anyone noticed, because I did it days ago. Facebook only deletes in 3/weeks, but as long as I don’t log in, everything is good.

I am just tired of it all. No drama. No goodbyes. Just gone.

I vote…

In one week every Luxembourgish citizen has to go vote to find a new government. It’s an obligation and everyone not showing up can be persecuted by the law. (Which, as far as I know of, has never happened.)

Usually, I have a good grasp of politics in my country, but this time, I wonder if I have to vote for bad or worse. But, I will not vote blank. I will make use of my vote, because in a country as small as Luxembourg, every vote counts to make a change.

Next week, I will spend researching everything in depth. I like our Prime Minister. At the same time, I really don’t like our Ministers of Family matters and the one in charge of education…

Politics and religion are topics I usually avoid. And in one week, I wrote about both.

Just another moment in my brain.

I am visiting my sister in Germany currently. She brought her kids to bed. I brought mine to bed. And now I am sitting here, looking out of the window, enjoying the view of an ancient castle.

Something beautiful

A very good friend send this to me this morning. And my first thought was: I want that for myself. Even when I am carrying my burdens, I want them to look like wings. Really beautiful. But I don’t have a source to quote here. The interwebs are a blessing and a curse.


I love this song. I know… Radiohead is a bit of a cliché. Just like with Pink Floyd it took me a while to get them and truth be told, I am still not that big a fan, but I own 4 or 5 of their albums. (Of course, I do…)

This is my favourite cover of this song:

Ever heard about Nate Maingard? Great man, I like him a lot. Though, I believe that his honesty and openness, his raw approach to everything he does may not be every one’s cup of tea. He is on patreon and you can find home on http://nate.live

Be curious… You know you want it,

Big hugs,