Category: a to z (2021)

AtoZ 2021 – K

Your knives are cutting deep wounds into my knotted imagination. Knowledge is used against me. And the key to my heart you once held in your hand kind of broke off in the lock. One last kiss I can not remember. But I keep hanging on.

Kim Wilde – keep me hanging on

AtoZ 2021 – J

A jester was jotting down a joyless story into a jar filled with emotions. His journal fell in my jeans-clad lap and jerked me into motion. It was time to start my journey. My jewel mind shone in the shadow of the sun and the moon as I tried to remember how to join the two in the sky. I jealously looked at the birds flapping their wings, at least they could fly. Jaded thoughts made me lose my momentum and return back home. I was just in time to judge my tears in the mirror, and behind me, I spotted a jester who was jotting down a joyless story into a jar filled with jumbled emotions…

Jeff Buckley – Jewel Box

AtoZ 2021 – I

An intense aura hid inside the imperceptible colours of her insane mind. The same words were written in every corner of her journal, ingrained in invisible ink. Images of impatient impulses disrupted her sleep. All for him. Imperfect soul.

INVSN – I dreamt music

AtoZ 2021 – H

Hollow heavens hint at being one-half hell. Hours flow down sinful rivers. Hopeful. Or is hope lost? All is never lost. My hardened heart turns soft in the headlights of her.

Her Name is Calla – the hour of gloam

AtoZ 2021 – G

Gritted teeth and closed fists. Golden glory turned red and gory. Everything that was once gorgeous turned green with envy. Nothing good came from our game. Glows dimmed, and grime covered every memory. A gentle absence of the past grew into our greatest loss.

Glen Hansard – good life of song

AtoZ 2021 – F

Freedom is never free. Nothing ever is. The first time I felt free was when you held my heart in your fist. I was flying in my cage, finding songs in the corners of my fallen thoughts.

Feeder – feeling the moment

AtoZ 2021 – E

Every night, in every dream. Every day, in every cloud. Every time, I close my eyes. Every you in every me. Let me escape. Let me forget. Every part of me belongs to no one else. Just you.

Editors – escape the nest

AtoZ 2021 – D

Ancient demons are coming for a visit. Should I open the door, or is it safer to play dead? Those demons, they know exactly how to hurt me and where: a broken dream here and a fake promise there. Ancient demons, I don’t want you near. That’s why, when you ring my bell, I will guard the door. You are not allowed in; not anymore.

Damien Rice – Delicate

AtoZ 2021 – B

Before I fall asleep, I feel your presence close to me. Breathe against my skin and blow kisses on my skin. Before I fall asleep my honey blossom wishes become reality.

Baroness – back where I belong