Last September, I saw a picture on an artist’s Twitter of something he had drawn. I loved it and got in touch with the man, but unfortunately, the painting was already sold. But, he offered to make something similar for me, and if I liked it, he would sell it to me. I agreed. But since I liked the original so much, my hopes were low.

This is the picture in question:

The artist is Lee Zimmerman and the poet calls himself Vincent Van Gone

But then he sent this:

It’s the same picture with a different interpretation.

And let me tell you, I like the second one even better than the original, and I am grateful to Lee that he gave it another try. I love it. After ten months, I still love it a lot. It has a special place in a frame on my wall.

I see a lot of myself in this unique painting, and maybe it had to be like that. The first one did not mirror me as much as the second does.

I like unique pieces of art and large canvas prints.

Most of the art on my walls is by an American photographer and great friend: Josh Bulriss. This is my favourite: it is called “let me in.”

more of his work can be found at

I saw this picture when Josh shared it on Twitter. He was one of my first followers there, and we have been supporting each other for almost ten years now. I can honestly say that we became friends during that time. But more about the picture… I saw it and was flashed. Completely taken aback by how much it made me feel, how deeply I was affected. No picture had ever done that to me. And so I asked Josh if he was interested in selling it as a canvas print to me. Of course, he was. But he had ever sold and shipped anything to Europe, and I had never bought anything this big from anywhere. But, we found out together about invoices and customs and all that. It was a fun time. I even got Josh to promise not to sell a copy of this one ever again. I cannot be sure if he even remembers the promise, but he never shares it on his social media anymore.

The day the picture arrived, I was nervous. But when I unpacked it and saw that the colours were even better than on the screen, my nerves settled.

I put it up on a wall and caught myself getting lost in the picture. I was completely immersed. Back then, I lived in a different house, and the picture was hidden away in the guestroom. When we moved in 2017, it got a new place in the kitchen/living room area. And it inspired many conversations.

At first glance, it is a big black something with some light. At second glance, it is like life. Sometimes we are standing in the dark looking into the light. And sometimes, we are standing in the light looking into the dark.

After seven years, I have not stopped admiring this picture. And I guess that’s what art should do. It doesn’t matter if other people like it or not; it has to awake emotions inside us.

Goodnight. ✨

56 Comments on “Art

  1. I like the second drawing he made for you better too, as it has more complexity and detail. And I love the painting “let me in” a lot. It’s wonderful when we connect so viscerally with a piece of art.

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    • I agree about the complexity and detail. When Lee said he would give it another try, I was worried that it would feel forced. But it doesn’t.
      “Let me in” is a photograph, not a painting.

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