Giuseppe’s will 1: Lily’s escape

A bullet whistled past her ear as she ran for shelter. Lily dug her head in, exhaling a deep breath. This one had been too close for comfort. She turned, took aim, and pulled the trigger of the gun in her hand. Her shot missed, and she ran faster. She heard bullets missing their target, missing her. In the distance, she heard heavy footsteps following her, but she stood her ground. More and more space was appearing between her and the men who hunted her. Her lungs were burning, and her legs were heavy, but she had to keep going. There was no other option.

Lily had to ditch the two gorillas soon, or they would catch her. She ran left; she ran right. She turned right into a small alley and knew she had to act quickly. she contemplated hiding behind a dumpster to catch her breath, but she was not stupid enough for that. Hiding was a rookie’s mistake, and she was a professional. Scanning the area, she found her salvation. Assessing her possibilities, she jumped on one of the nearest trash containers, climbed up the ladder of a fire escape, and she had a half-second to spare to hide. Her boots made too much noise, and the men who were pursuing her had entered the alley now too. She prayed that they were as disoriented as she was.

The men were standing with their guns drawn, turning in circles, looking for her. They were both panting and holding their weapons tightly, but they didn’t shoot. There was nothing to shoot at because she was hiding from view behind a large flower pot, and no one looked up. Lily saw the men stopping almost directly under her hiding place. She willed her breath to even out; all she could hear was the rush of blood in her ears. She prayed that these dumbasses didn’t hear it too. A moment later, they admitted defeat and left with their heads hanging in shame and bickering about whose fault it was that the girl got away. She snickered, feeling triumphant. She had outsmarted the boss’s gunmen once again. She didn’t want to trade places with them. Giuseppe was not a nice guy, and he didn’t tolerate failure. Failure. Her mission hadn’t failed. She just hadn’t succeeded.

Lily knocked on the windowpane behind her twice, and a young man opened. She held her gun to his face and motioned for him to step aside and let her in. Bleary-eyed and confused, he looked at the sweaty woman and obliged. Without a word, she climbed inside the apartment, closed the window behind her, and plopped down on the bed that stood in the middle of the room. She never let go of the gun, taking in the setting and the man in the near darkness of the space. There was not much to see. A bed and the usual furniture that could be found in any other bedroom too. The man was tall and lean. He looked smart with his upturned nose and grim with his mouth and lips being nothing but a thin line. He squinted to see her, and she turned slightly away. The man observed her every move; his arms were crossed over his naked chest as if he was waiting for an explanation. But it never came. She undid the laces of her boots, shrugged out of her jacket, throwing it on the overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. Lily yawned found a comfortable position on the preheated bed, acting as if she owned the place. The adrenalin was leaving her body, and she felt exhausted but pleased with herself.

“I’m sorry, but who are you?” Lily was jostled from her content feeling, tensely grabbing her gun and pointing it at the stranger: “I’ll be gone tomorrow.” The man held his hands up, surrendering to the woman in his bed. He would have been flattered under different circumstances, but the situation scared him, and he gave up. It helped that the woman had a gun and looked as if she had to be saved from trouble waiting on the city’s streets. He ran a hand through his hair, watching her and trying to find a way out of his frozen state.

Meanwhile, a comforting manly scent lulled Lily into sleep. And even though she never released the tight grip on her gun, she felt safe. There it was, her rookie mistake. “Fuck,” she muttered in her sleep.


Note: this is the old and the new combined… 750 words.

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