Missing you missing me

I miss you.

? Huh ?

I miss your presence

I miss the person I am with you

I miss your scent, laughter… (Anything based on sense)

I miss not being alone

I miss your attention

I miss the things you do to impress me

I miss feeling loved/admired

I miss you.

My mind never understands “I miss you.”

Maybe those three words are normal for someone else, for me, I wonder why, what did I do to be missed. I am not special; I am me.



I miss people and things too. Because they mean something to me. Because their presence makes me feel good. Because they make me feel understood/loved. Because they see me.

Funnily enough… I cannot imagine anyone missing me. I cannot imagine what anyone could miss about me.

And yet

And yet…

I am a special person. Unique. Why wouldn’t anyone miss me?!

My mind is a very strange place. Filled with contradictions.


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