Catherine Micqu

Oops, I did it again…

…social media detox. Again. Deactivated Facebook, again. Deleted Wattpad, again. It is not as if anyone noticed, because I did it days ago. Facebook only deletes in 3/weeks, but as long as I don’t log in, everything is good.

I am just tired of it all. No drama. No goodbyes. Just gone.

8 thoughts on “Oops, I did it again…”

  1. I consider deleting my Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts nearly every week, but it would then be much tougher to promote my blog, since fewer than 10% of those who follow it ever read my posts. Also, I have made many friends on those social media accounts, and would genuinely miss communicating with them. I don’t post anything to my personal Facebook page anymore though.

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    1. I kept Instagram and Twitter. Because i like them. Facebook was just for scrolling anymore, and I didn’t feel the need to keep it.
      I think I am just growing out of it all. I never used Facebook for my writing at all. Truth be told, I don’t have Much reach anywhere. My blog sees more traffic when someone else shares my posts than when I am doing it.

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              1. I detest the fact I’m this old, for many reasons I won’t go into at this time. But one of the major ones is that my life is most likely 3/4 over, and there’s still so much I’d like to do.


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