Catherine Micqu

I vote…

In one week every Luxembourgish citizen has to go vote to find a new government. It’s an obligation and everyone not showing up can be persecuted by the law. (Which, as far as I know of, has never happened.)

Usually, I have a good grasp of politics in my country, but this time, I wonder if I have to vote for bad or worse. But, I will not vote blank. I will make use of my vote, because in a country as small as Luxembourg, every vote counts to make a change.

Next week, I will spend researching everything in depth. I like our Prime Minister. At the same time, I really don’t like our Ministers of Family matters and the one in charge of education…

Politics and religion are topics I usually avoid. And in one week, I wrote about both.

Just another moment in my brain.

I am visiting my sister in Germany currently. She brought her kids to bed. I brought mine to bed. And now I am sitting here, looking out of the window, enjoying the view of an ancient castle.

8 thoughts on “I vote…”

      1. Well, given the fact I’m not liking my country very much these days, a small, neutral country like Luxembourg would seem a preferable place to be. Of course, I realize there is no nirvana, and that every place has its good and bad aspects.

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        1. Every foreigner I know loves it here. After all, you can get around pretty well with only English, add a little French and you should be sorted. The worst thing about Luxembourg (in my estimation) is the cost of living. Rents and groceries are pretty expensive.

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