I feel like sharing some more music… While last time, both songs I shared were more electronic, this week I listened to something different.

Fink – perfect darkness

Fink. The first song I heard was Too Closely. I got curious and listened to more and more of his music. In the meantime, I have seen him live, and his album “Perfect Darkness” (2011) still plays regularly on my stereo.

Antimatter – in stone

This is music I often listen to when I am writing. The reasons are clear and not. The mix of awesome lyrics and emotion-evoking music is what gets my muses going.

enjoy the music… make sure to listen the second one to the end.

Have a nice Saturday,

(PS: why am I told that the bathroom needs a scrubbing, when I worked all week, and he was home? I am irritated and stubborn now, but eventually, I will do it, and he knows it.)


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