Suicide prevention day

Suicide… It’s a tough one to talk about because judgment is everywhere. Most people will never experience this utter helplessness, the crumbling under the weight of your own thoughts. And I wish that you never will.

Just be kind, smile at someone. Listen and hear what people are saying.

Truth be told though, when I was suicidal, I didn’t talk about it. I made plans at work and with family, knowing well that in my mind I had other plans. I didn’t openly complain and I still don’t do. Openly: to my friends and family. This blog is for my rants, my hopelessness. My silent screams. The place where I unleash my inner demons.

I don’t know where these feelings are coming from. I just know that they were amplified when I lost someone who was so very close to my soul that I was disintegrating when he left.

There is light in all of us… Never let it go out.

And again, I make no sense.


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