Just a little

I was walking



And a little bit dying

I was understanding



And a little bit flying

Covered in love and sadness

Drowning in joy and madness

I know who you are

And i know who I will never be

Years are fading

Me? Forever jaded.

My hand in yours

Never breaking bond.

Author: Catherine

37. Unquiet mind. Writer with a deeply rooted love for music. Likes reading in the bathtub. Heartbreaker. Perfectly imperfect mother of 3. Published poet.

2 thoughts on “Just a little”

    1. 50 shades of sadness… And there I have a title of my next poetry collection. 🙂

      Thank you for your ongoing support. I know that I am not an easy person to understand, but you are trying, and I am grateful for that. Also, you are always encouraging and never judging. Thank you.


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