Upside Down 3 – Hello roomie

Josh drank a sip of his coffee, but it didn’t taste right. He took a bite out of his toast, but that too felt like ashes in his mouth. How was he supposed to tell this woman that he left his father and that he didn’t have any money? She would kill him on the spot, of that he had no doubt.

“Tell me about yourself. We should get a little acquainted,” Milly offered. Josh shrugged. He wasn’t a man of words and didn’t know what to say. The woman and the gun made him nervous.

“I’m a doctor. Well, I will be. Specialising in traumatology.” Milly had suspected as much from the books on Josh’s shelves.

“Impressive,” Milly acknowledged. It was the first time she saw a ghost of a smile on Josh’s face. But as soon as it appeared, it vanished again.

The front door rattled and was opened with a bursting laugh. It was slammed shut and into the living room came a man who was all over a girl. They were barely able to contain themselves. Milly pointed the gun at them. She didn’t have time for this.

“Roommate,” Josh yelled and held his hands up in a surrendering manner. Josh’s roommate, Henry, looked up from the woman he was devouring.

“Whoa… Easy with that thing, baby.” Milly groaned and rolled her eyes.

“Shut it and sit on the couch. Hands to yourselves,” Milly ordered and waited for Henry and his conquest to sit. “Stutter, fetch our shoes and coats. We are leaving.” Josh was paralysed, he didn’t move. “Now, dammit!” Josh was tempted to throw a knife at her or lounge himself at her, but he didn’t dare. She was dangerous and unpredictable. Not a good combination. He rushed to obey, hearing Milly talk to Henry.

Henry snickered. “Stutter,” he said under his breath shaking his head with a grin.


“Henry. And she is…,” he shrugged. He had already forgotten the girl’s name.

“Listen carefully, Henry. I am going to take Joshy with me. Got it? You can call the police, but then I will be back to kill you, you understand, right? His daddy is loaded, and I will ask for a nice piece of the cake.” Milly was satisfied with herself and her plan. Self-sufficient she sat down.

“Ma’am, with all due respect, You must be wrong. If he had money, he wouldn’t live here,” Henry waved his hands around for emphasis. He was intimidated but not afraid. Henry was a brave man; and he was sure he could overpower this woman, get hold of the gun and turn the situation around. He could be a hero for the girl who was ugly crying next to him.

Josh returned, shaking his head in Henry’s direction as if he had been reading his thoughts. Both men watched Milly tie the laces of her boots. The gun lay on the coffee table. Henry took it in a swift motion, stood his ground and pointed it at Milly.

“You better leave,” Henry threatened her.

Milly got up slowly. “Not without him!” She grabbed Josh’s wrist with a bruising grip.

“Let him go, and I will not hurt you,” Henry felt brave. Milly snorted. She knew if she had wanted it, she would have gotten her gun back by now and she would have shot the two witnesses. But she wasn’t out for blood. She just needed money to get away from her current life.

“Josh, do something! Don’t stand there like a wimp,” Henry shouted. He didn’t understand why Josh didn’t move. Was a tall and fit man, there was no reason why he didn’t overwhelm the woman, or why he didn’t fight her. Josh didn’t know either, but his guts told him to do as Milly said.

Milly turned to leave, pulling Josh behind him. “Keys, Stutter. Do you have a car?”

Josh nodded. In the parking garage.

“Stop!” Henry yelled. Milly turned to look at him and flipped him the bird. A deafening noise went off. Henry looked in shock at the barrel of the gun in his hand and threw the weapon away. Josh looked in shock because Milly had reacted fast enough to push him behind her. Milly grinned. Henry’s conquest screamed. Too many emotions in a small living room.

Milly went to retrieve the gun and put it in her jacket. “Let’s go,” she said to Josh, and they ran for the stairs. For a moment she wondered if Josh had ulterior motives to come with her. He could have easily outrun her. But he didn’t. In fact, he held doors for her and led the way to his car. Milly held her side and winced when she got into the vehicle. Henry had hit her.

“Where to?” Josh enquired.

“Just drive,” Milly ordered through clenched teeth. She had to gather her wits for what was to come.

Author: Catherine

37. Unquiet mind. Writer with a deeply rooted love for music. Likes reading in the bathtub. Heartbreaker. Perfectly imperfect mother of 3. Published poet.

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