Question and answer

So… The question arose about how I write. Routines, outlining, creating a character, inspiration… All that.

And here comes my answer:

I write the way every sane person would tell you not to write. I don’t have routines. I don’t set goals. I don’t plan my characters or plots ahead. I am doing it the worst way you can: I sit down and write, making up the story as I go and shaping my characters while I am writing. I rarely review or edit before I post. It is all considered a first draft.

I was told that if I had more ambition and more direction I could write amazing things. But therein lies the issue. I don’t have enough ambition. I write for fun, not for financial profit. I love my day job.

All that said, I admit, I am not selfless. I am somewhat egocentric, bordering on narcissistic at times. I thrive on comments. They make me happy. They make me feel validated. It is a fake emotion, but it is the truth.

I believe that I am a good writer. Not the best, but there are much worse than me.

As for the inspiration, that’s not different from other writers. The idea for “Find a Little Love in me” was sudden. I felt like writing fiction again, but since I hadn’t done it in so long, I didn’t really know how to do it. I needed a challenge, and the 100 chapters/100 words seemed intriguing enough. Shelly is a lot like me. I created a character drawing ideas, quirks and flaws from my own self. Maybe that is the only reason why I ended up completing the challenge. I do love to write about myself.

The idea for “Upside Down” came from an image I had in my head. It was of Milly running down that alley with the goons following her, weapons drawn. And the idea took form to write a story with a different approach. I wanted to have Milly as the strong character who ultimately will save Josh from his own one-way life.

With each passing chapters, new ideas on how to proceed pop up in my head. It is nice. And thank heavens I am not working right now. It will give me a couple more days to write.

“Find a Little Love in me” was finished when I uploaded it. “Upside Down” is written on the go. It is rough around the edges and raw.

My poetry is written in a similar yet different manner. A song, a word, a line I hear. A memory or an emotion I feel. That’s what makes me write poetry. Maybe that is why my poems are always that short? I like it short and concise.

I hope that was a satisfying answer. How do all of you write? Could you do it the way I do?


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