A new project…

I am like a kid and want to share everything and every idea right away.

My newest idea is a story with 100 chapters. Sounds like a lot. But it isn’t. I want every chapter to be between 95 and 110 words. Not more, not less. 100 chapters is a lot, and I am not sure if I can find a way to write a story that long, but, I am willing to try and find out. I am challenging myself… Besides, I have some time now. (3 weeks without work). So far, I’ve got this:

I wrote 800 words (a bit more actually) in only twenty minutes. The timestamp under the files is from when I moved them into a folder.

This could be something, or it could become one of those things I start with too much enthusiasm and which just silently vanish at one point. I don’t know… Keep your fingers crossed, and I’ll let you know if I added more chapters tonight or not.

(I am using the jotterpad app for this.)


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