rant – skip this one

Triggered by an interview with a musician I just read. Not going to name names, just ranting about disrespect… Maybe skip this post, lol

How can a person who used to be integer and interesting become a complete douchebag? Being careless and free is not wrong, but not caring, not giving a shit about anything and anyone? That’s lame. That’s not edgy, it’s asshole-ry. Even moreso when you’re well in your forties and should know better.

This band wrote the soundtrack of my youth and even when I was well in my twenties and early thirties, I identified with their lyrics and their music. It meant something, it had an impact. I liked the guys and their interviews because they had something to say. They had interesting opinions and point of views, but they were always polite and respectful. It changed. They are lacking respect and every interview seems to piss them off. Sure, they get the same questions again and again and that since decades, and yet, it is a way to sell their music and make money from it. It is the reason why they can afford the be professional musicians, and live a comfortable life.

For me, they are ruining their own legacy with this air of “don’t care”. The questions of the interviewer are ridiculed and answered in a passive – aggressive way. Even if they are having a bad day, I’d say, suck it up for the duration of the interview and be a cranky prick again afterwards.

But maybe that’s just me.

PS: this is one of those posts that I began writing impulsively and in a furious mind. It really rubs me the wrong way. Being a diva with their knickers in a twist doesn’t look good on anyone. Maybe recent events involving the band makes me extra unforgiving about things like this.

Pissy narcissistic bell-ends.

*rant over*


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