Old but happy

I am 35. I feel old today. But I also feel young. I received an invite to a school reunion. I was 12 when I saw most of these people for the last time. Now I look at their pictures and some look old, and I look like me. Do I look old for them too? I don’t feel like 35. How is one supposed to feel at this or that age? I have no idea. But. And this is important. I am happy and I am very comfortable in my skin these days. A fact that is not always true. Right now it is. Don’t worry, I am not in a midlife crisis even though I am repeating my age. I just like the sound of it. 35.

The pic was taken today. I dressed up and straightened my hair for work this morning. I was filmed. Hey… I never said that I am not vain.

Enough space take with nonsense. I wouldn’t share the pic if I didn’t like it.


2 thoughts on “Old but happy

    1. It could be. I never felt comfortable with my age. I was always acting (or having to act) older than I was. I feel younger now that I felt ten years ago. But I feel that I am not really allowed to act that out… With three kids and all.


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