Did you know…?

I am just an ordinary woman doing ordinary things. I don’t wear lots of make-up, and I don’t wear high heels. I work for a living, and scrub toilets and kitchen floors when I am done with work. I live for my kids and have a husband too. Nothing about me is extraordinary in the least. I am not tall (in fact I am quite short), I am chubby and I don’t take extra care of my hair. (Which is long and has gray streaks that I dye myself). I say goodnight to online acquaintances and begin to read until I am too pumped to sleep and that makes me feel guilty when I read or write something online. I read a lot and whenever I have a moment on my own. I listen to lots and lots and lots of music. I write poetry and flash fictions daily. I eat and drink and shit. I drive a car and cook and clean and curse and fold laundry. Sometimes, I want to be more – more of everything. But in the end I am content with what I have. I am not striving for success, but I would lie if I would pretend that likes and votes didn’t boost my ego. I like words and react to them in an intense way. I am moody and I can be quite rude too. I don’t believe in regrets, which makes me have to stand up for my own mistakes quite a bit. But if I make a decision based on this fact and that emotion, then I can’t regret it later when it went wrong. So… I make mistakes and have bad judgment all the time. I dream myself away and fantasise about a different life. But I am too scared to act on my impulses. Though I wouldn’t consider myself to be a coward. I am, however, shy and self-conscious. I am funny too. But I can’t tell any jokes. I laugh a lot and adore subtle humour. I like eyes and passion and compliments. I am honest and polite and kind. A little submissive at times too, but that doesn’t mean that I am not opinionated. Most often I stay silent when I am not informed in a matter. But I am not afraid to ask for more information. I love my job, even if it is very exhausting and it is emotionally and physically draining to manage the family, the house, the job, the writing, the virtual and real friends, me, and my moods.

In the end, I am just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life… Nothing special.

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