I am called love
I’m in your heart
and in your soul
I’m very close, but often times twisting myself out of your reach
I’m love and I am often accompanied with fear.
I am called fear
I’m in your mind
and in your eyes
I’m just a heartbeat away putting destroying seeds into your brain
and once they blossom, I nurture them
and once my seeds of fear a big enough, I bring grief.
I am called grief
I’m your favorite emotion
I hurt you with every loss
no matter how big or small
I am by your side – always.
I keep you in a firm grip,
that is only released by anger.
I am called anger
I’m just a triggering word away
I make you act irrationally
I make you scream and hurt other people
but I am never alone
I come with anxiety.
I am called anxiety
and I make you worry constantly
I make you doubt every step you take
and if you refuse to listen to me
I make you panic and I force you to listen
I am not alone though. I come with surprise
and together we can get you down into a long winding downward spiral.
I am called surprise
I am not mean
I come to you suddenly
But usually, I prefer to be good,
I have powerful friends on the dark side, though
and I can’t resist temptation very well
I bring trust along with me, just to make you see that I don’t mean any harm.
I am called trust
I am rooted in your heart
and in your soul
close to love and just like her
I am never far away and still often out of reach
I am complex and I refuse to be given away freely
I am frail and break easily,
but I work well with love.
I am trust and I come with love.

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