Catherine Micqu

101 things I dislike

​The idea comes from the same blogger as the last one. Thank you Paul. Go read his blog – The Captain’s Speech! That’s an order. So, without fear of being judged (read: with near panic like fear of being judged) I will try to come up with 101 things I don’t like.
1. The colour orange 

2. Flying 

3. The cold weather

4. Snow

5. Chocolate 

6. Ketshup 

7. The new version of ‘Sound of Silence’ by the band Disturbed

8. Waiting 

9. Taking orders

10. People who don’t say thank you

11. Rude people 

12. Unanswered questions 

13. Lemon

14. birds

15. Feathers 

16. The sound of my alarm clock 

17. Being tickled 

18. Being taken for granted

19. Negative people 

20. Emotional vampires 

21. Instruments that are out of tune

22. Cocky people 

23. Jealousy 

24. Drivers not setting the turn signal 

25. Wondering if my English is right and if others understand 

26. Doubting myself

27. People who make lots of noise when they are eating (!! Important one)

28. Fruit

29. Killing animals – even flies

30. Not being taken seriously 

31. That one person who always acts as if he is superior 

32. Belching 

33. The smell of vomit

34. Touching door handles in public spaces 

35. Not seeing anything at a concert

36. Payment declined

37. Forgetting my pin code

38. Water touching my ears (anything touching my ears)

39. Swimming

40. Crowds

41. Ignorance 

42. The smell of cold smoke

43. Sprite

44. Anything bitter

45. Having a stuffed nose 

46. Being surprised 

47. Offering presents

48. Shopping for clothes 

49. Animals 

50. Meat

51. Saying goodbye 

52. Deadlines

53. Gory horror movies

54. Going to church 

55. Thinking about negative things

56. Mess left by the kids after eating nuts or grains

57. Jazz

58. Musicals

59. Long fingernails

60. Not having enough sleep

61. Chanel no 5

62. Visiting a home for disabled people 

63. The sound of chalk on a blackboard

64. Expensive rents or mortgages

65. Working in a garden

66. Scetching, drawing, painting

67. Pens that aren’t working

68. Coffee with sugar

69. My double chin 

70. Milk

71. Hairy feet

72. Star wars 

73. Harry Potter

74. Lord of the rings

75. The way eyes itch from allergies 

76. Almonds and nuts 

77. Bread (with the exception of French baguette)

78. No toilet paper when I am on the loo

79. Autocorrect 

80. Forgetting to save my work

81. 0 likes on stories or poems I thought turned out great.

82. Questions with obvious answers

83. Gossip

84. Talking bad behind someone’s back

85. Losing track of people 

86. A clock that doesn’t work right

87. Forgetting things 

88. Broken promises 

89. Seeing a box cutter when I am in a bad mood

90. Dentists 

91. Being late 

92. Heartache 

93. Migraines 

94. Fishing for more things I dislike

95. No network

96. That social media knows everything about us

97. Being watched while crying 

98. Being stared at

99. Oranges

100. My voice 

101. That I did find 100 things I dislike…
Are you surprised? Why? Disliking something is not hating something, just to be clear. Now, what do you think?

5 thoughts on “101 things I dislike”

  1. #39 I hate swimming too. I just stand there.
    I like how you started off by disliking the colour orange and then saying you also dislike oranges haha
    #81 It might not be because that people didn’t like them, maybe they didn’t see them? I don’t know if you do, but you should add tags to every post to increase the chances of more bloggers coming across your work! Like on my posts today and yesterday I include tags like: About me, Personal, Life, Humor, List, People etc. It helps. (Ignore what I just said if you already do that).


    1. I tag occasionally. Things like this, I keep on the down low. Not sure why really, though. When I started this blog I didn’t tag at all. It was just for me. I didn’t want to be seen, which is not really the point of sharing stuff online, is it? Well, now, here I am. Four years later with 59 followers. 🙂
      And yes… orange oranges are The worst 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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