Catherine Micqu

Mediocre Poem

​For several years I had to wait,
Behind the locked iron gate
I pretended it was fate
And that you were just late.

But you never came
And I began to blame
Everyone taking part in this game
And accusing them of the same.

They kept you away from me
And refused to let our love be free
They were simply to blind to see
That there was no you without me.

Or no me without you?
Could that be true?
Could it be that they knew?
We belong together, just us two.

So I saved myself inside my dreams
Where, at least it seems
Our love was still held together at its seams
And waiting at the gates for years was not labelled too extreme.

In the dark cold night
My heart and my mind continued their fight
They argued about who was right
And who could turn on my inner light.

Time went by and you were still gone. 
Everything I could, I had done
And I was convinced you were the one
So I kept waiting and realised that in my madness, I was all alone.

The lesson learned here
Might not be cristal clear
But as long as you are not near,
I will spend my time with an other, dear.

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