Thursday Song

Sam Smith – diamonds

I really like the clip of this song.

And now my confession: other than Sam’s commercial songs – the ones played on the radio, I don’t know their music. I don’t know much about them either, apart from the fact that they are non-binary and prefer the pronouns them/they. What I do know is that Sam Smith is very talented. They are no stranger to internal struggles and public backlash. But they keep sharing their songs with the world.

The above song appears on the album “Love Goes” (2020)

Have a nice one…

Paul’s Quiz

You know me, I am always up for a good quiz. If you know Paul, you know that he has great ideas and a brilliant mind. If you don’t know Paul, shame on you! Go change that immediately!

So… Last week, Paul announced that he wants to quiz his readers and now today, Paul’s quiz arrived. Did I mention it’s Paul’s idea? Not sure, but here is Paul’s Quiz, see for yourself if you want to take part and win a big – no, huge (!) price.

I copied the questions and pasted them here and now, well ahead of the deadline (?), here are my answers:

1. In the movie, Space Jam, Daffy Duck sneaks into Michael Jordan’s house to pick up his lucky basketball shorts. What animated character would you trust with your personal belongings and why?
Marge Simpson. Marge is very organised and patient enough to put up with her family. She has high standards and high morals, and if I tell her how important my stuff is for me, then I trust that it will become equally important to her. She will guard it with all her might.

2. What is the chorus of your favourite song?
There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship smoke on the horizon
You are only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re saying
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons
Now I’ve got that feeling once again
I can’t explain you would not understand
This is not how I am
I have become comfortably numb

3. Complete the sentence: I wish I could __.

4. The singer, Meat Loaf, said he would do anything for love, but he won’t do that. In general, what are three things you won’t do?
In general? I won’t hurt anyone on purpose. I won’t ever stop loving my kids. I won’t tolerate any injustices happening in my immediate surroundings.

5. What is the worst thing about pockets?
The lint stuck in there after pants come out of the tumble dryer.

6. Should I be concerned about your most recent Google search?
Yes. But don’t worry too much. It is just research. I will not use my new knowledge about fatal injuries that look as if they happened by accident on anyone I know. Or will I?

7. If there was an eighth day of the week, what would it be called, and where would you place it amongst the other seven?
After Saturday and before Sunday. It will be called “Slowday”

8. When you look in the mirror, what do you see behind you?
Usually, a wall. If there is a person there, I hope it is someone from my household. If it is a stranger, I might use my new knowledge after all.

9. You can have dinner with any three people in the world, but you must dine at a fast-food restaurant. Who are you bringing and what does each person (including yourself) order off the menu?
I’m bringing Keanu Reeves, he will have a Big Mac with a side of fries and a big coke. Angelina Jolie: she will have a salad without dressing and she will not really eat, just run her fork around the bowl. Macaulay Culkin: he will order two cheeseburgers and curly fries and will go back for a McFlurry. And me… I will have a Royal TS with fries too. (This was a hard question because I think here in Europe there are other things on the menu than in Canada or the US)

10. Think of a word (in English) and create a new, alternate spelling for it. What is the new word you have created?
Soulquake. It’s that feeling that you have when you feel a deep connection with someone. Not unlike love, but a soulquake doesn’t have to be a romantic feeling. Just a deep connection.

1. On a sheet of paper, draw your happy place. Do not include words or numbers. You have 60 seconds to do this. Share the picture in your blog post.

Note: If the picture looks like you took more than 60 seconds, you will receive a zero.

Guess what this is supposed to be?! I can write but I cannot draw for the life of me.

2. Text someone, “Knock Knock”. What is their reply?

Note: A screenshot isn’t required, but if I think you’re lying about their response, you will receive a zero.

The reply was “Hallo”. Amalia is my youngest daughter – she is 10

3. In your place of residence, pick up a book and turn to Page 50. What is the third sentence on that page and how does it relate to your life?

Note: If Page 50 doesn’t have a third sentence, try again on Page 73.
Double Note: If Page 73 doesn’t have a third sentence either, just hit yourself with the book. I give up.

I’m thinking of ending things – Iain Reid

The small sincere laughs are something I do too. Often. Many things amuse me daily, but not everything deserves a big laugh. Sometimes the more subdued reaction is the better way to go.

By the way… I wasn’t that far into the book yet; now I feel spoilered.


That’s it for the quiz… Now I am biting my nails to find out my score. Keep your fingers crossed. And… Join the fun. You can do it. xx

73 questions (2021)

1. What’s your favorite movie
A few good men

2. Favorite movie in the past five years?
I am not sure, to be honest. I have seen so many films that I liked, it is hard to pick one.

3. Favorite Hitchcock film?
Never seen a Hitchcock film

4. A book you plan on reading? There is nothing on my reading list right now

5. A book that you read in school that positively shaped you?
On n’est pas sérieux quand on a dix-sept ans by Barbara Samson (English title: Being seventeen)

6. Favorite TV show that’s currently on?
A Handmaid’s Tale

7. On a scale of one to ten how excited are you about life right now?
If One is bad and Ten is super excited, I am a 7

8. iPhone or Android?
Android. Never had and never will own an iPhone

9. Twitter or Instagram?

10. Who should EVERYONE be following right now?
Whoever empowers them in a positive way. Right now, I find Russell Brand’s IG account quite interesting, but my enthusiasm for it comes and goes…

11. What’s your favorite food?
Spinach with garlic

12. Least favorite food?
Brussel sprouts

13. What do you love on your pizza?
Spinach, seafood, eggs

14. Favorite drink?
Gin & Tonic with fruits (raspberries, strawberries, mango) or simply water. I like drinking water.

15. Favorite dessert?
Mousse au Chocolat

16. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Milk Chocolate

17. Coffee or tea?
Depends on my mood

18. What’s the hardest part about being a mum?
Managing the chaos and remembering everyone’s schedules, while working, and making sure everyone has enough clean clothes in their cupboard to last two days

19. What’s your favorite band?
I don’t have a favourite band anymore. Some I like a lot are Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd, Anathema, the Cure…

20. Favorite solo artist?
Sivert Høyem

21. Favorite song?
Running up that hill by Kate Bush
Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd

22. If you could sing a duet with anyone, who would it be?
Robbie Williams, not because I like to listen to that kind of music a lot, but because I think our voices would be good together.

23. If you could master one instrument, what would it be?

24. If you had a tattoo, where would it be?
Left lower arm

25. To be or not to be?
To be

26. Dogs or cats?
Neither, but if I had to choose: dogs

27. Bird-watching or whale-watching?

28. Best gift you’ve ever received?
A personal song sung especially for me from a musician I once admired

29. Best gift you’ve ever given?
Personalized jewelry. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but I took great care in choosing it, and the person was really happy and is wearing it a lot

30. Last gift you gave a friend?

31. What’s your favorite board game?

32. What’s your favorite country to visit?
France is nice

33. What’s the last country you visited?

34. What country do you wish to visit?
UK (especially Scotland and Wales)

35. What’s your favorite color?

36. Least favorite color?

37. Diamonds or pearls?

38. Heels or flats?

39. Pilates or yoga?

40. Jogging or swimming?

41. Best way to de-stress?
Drinking Maté and listening to music. A bath helps too.

42. If you had one superpower, what would it be?

43. What’s the weirdest word in the English language?
Acknowledgement, awkward, jealous

44. What’s your favorite flower?
Calla Lilies

45. When was the last time you cried?
A couple of days ago while watching a TV show called Years and Years

46. Do you like your handwriting?

47. Do you bake?

48. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
I lack self-confidence

49. What is your most favorite thing about yourself?
My eyes, my ass, my boobs, my humour, my wit, my empathy

50. Who do you miss most?
I can think of a few people who I miss equally.

51. What are you listening to right now?
Right this moment, I am listening to a British artist called Ben Montague

52. Favorite smell?
My perfume and the way it smells on my skin (Jean-Paul Gaultier pour Femme)

53. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
A colleague from work – Bianca

54. Who was the last person you sent a text to?

55. A sport you wish you could play?

56. Hair color?

57. Eye color?

58. Scary film or happy endings?
Happy Ending

59. Favorite season?

60. Three people alive or dead that you would like to have dinner with?
Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson, my grandma

61. Hugs or kisses?
Hugs and Kisses

62. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?
The Beatles (duh!!)

63. Where were you born?
Luxembourg city

64. What is the farthest you have been from home?
Djerba (Tunisia)

65. Sweet or savory?

66. Lipstick or lip gloss?

67. What book have you read again and again?
None. There are books I read twice, but usually, I only read them once.

68. Favorite bedtime story?

69. What would be the title of your autobiography?
In search of a balanced mind – the story of a troubled soul

70. Favorite sound?
Thunderstorm and rain outside while I am inside

71. Favorite animal?

72. Who is your girl crush?
Winona Ryder

73. Last photograph you took?

This tree is very close to my house (I live down the street). It is said to be over 100 years old.

The first edition of this post was taken in July 2018. Some answers stayed the same; others changed… Have fun…


Wednesday song

Ben McKelvey – running away only wears out your shoes

This single was released in October 2020.

In 2016 or 2017, I took part in a crowdfunding campaign for Ben McKelvey. I did not keep up with any of his releases afterwards. Other things got in the way…

I often mention a podcast I listen: Songstories. And this week’s guest was Ben McKelvey. It’s a short episode but fun to listen to anyway and it reminded me of that EP that I have in my collection… I like how life works sometimes.

Have a nice Wednesday…

It’s my dad’s birthday… He gets a new American president as a gift this year… 🤭 And a seafood dinner with my sister and me later this week or early next week.

Old wisdom

I found this one on Twitter when I was looking for a different picture. This was written around 2015. I had strong words back then, but things happened in 2015, and I was left forever changed…

I was looking for this pic, by the way:

That picture is from about 4 years ago. We had moved house, and few boxes were left to move. I put shoeboxes filled with CDs in a bigger box and when I stepped on the stairs, the bottom gave out and one third of my collection flew down the stairs. I cried. I laughed. I was near hysterical. Oh, and I was stuck at the top of the stairs. My son stood downstairs and had no idea what to say and what to do. After a while, we went in search of a new box, put the jewel cases of the CDs back together – (many broke and I am still mad about that. I take such good care of my collection but so many cases are broken because of that incident.) and got on with our move… It was not a fun evening… But now, years later, I can laugh about it.

I was too visible online tonight. I posted on IG and here… See you tomorrow. xx

Monday Song

Glen Hansard – bird of sorrow

From the album Rhythm and Repose (2012). This was Glen’s solo debut. A beautiful record and with this one, I became a fan. I mentioned him before and also the absolutely brilliant night of music when I saw him live.

Very soothing music. 🥰

How have you been?

Years & Years

I am not one to give too many shout outs about shows I am watching… But holy hell… I just finished watching Russell T. Davies’ Years and Years, and it was fantastic. It was shocking; it was funny on occasion too, and I cried. A lot. Mostly during the last 3 of the 6 episodes.

Years and years follows the lives of 4 siblings from 2019 to 2032. And it is one hell of a ride. The first episode started slow, but it ended with a bang, and then the suspense was up. In these few episodes, each around 1 hour long, I got invested in these people’s fates. It has been quite a while since I have seen a show that was as gripping as this one.

Watch it, if you get a chance.

Novel idea 2021

I’m looking at Steve as if I am seeing him for the first time. I see the grey hair at his temple and the curve inside his ear. I see the mole that he thinks is hidden under his beard, but the truth is, his beard is patchy and not well-kept. He pretends to take care of his body, but I know better. I know how much time he spends in the bathroom and how much product he uses daily. It is not as much as he wants to make other people believe. I was once in love with Steve. I loved his hands. They are clutching the steering wheel tightly. The skin on his hands and fingers is dry, and his nails need to be clipped. I want to look the other way, but I can’t. I have never seen Steve the way I am seeing him now. He is biting his lower lip, and I wonder how much longer he can do this without drawing blood. His nostrils flare a bit on every exhale, and his eyes look empty. Steve had brown eyes. A bit dull, nothing special. Nothing stands out about Steve. And yet, I once fell in love with him. I rub my sweaty palms back and forth over my thighs, finally able to look out of the window. We are in a car, driving north. The streets are packed; it seems everyone is driving up north. And we are too. Steve knows our route, he studied it, internalised it. I am just sitting here, thinking. I am thinking about Steve and our destination. I’m thinking about where we are going and where we are coming from.

Saturday Song

Nick Kamen – each time you break my heart

From the album Nick Kamen (1987). Apparently, this song was produced by Madonna… Who knew?!

I’m listening to 80s music tonight. ❤💜

Let love in

One day you will wake up and a wound that has always itched and that has always hurt – even if it was in a dull, almost imperceptible way, will have healed.

You will be surprised and it will be scary at first. You will try to get that feeling back – after all, it has been a part of you and your being for such a long time. But, let it go. You don’t need it anymore. And the hollow it left will be filled with something new. Something good.

(Repost/rewrite/adapted from January 2018)