Catherine Micqu

Song of the day (Friday)

Pink Floyd – comfortably numb

For me, it took a long time to like Pink Floyd. It just wasn’t for me. That was until I met a huge fan, and I decided to listen to different songs. And I understood. I understood that there are many layers of this band and that there was an evolution that came from experiences and with changes in band members. Exactly how it should be.

This is one of my favourite songs by this band. The all-time favourite is High Hopes.

So… Comfortably numb. I would love to be numb, but I am not. I am intense. Overwhelmed and underwhelmed all the time. It is just part of who I am.

But I have a confession to make: I say that I am no romantic, right? It’s a lie. Maybe the kind of romance I want or the things I perceive as romance are not ordinary, but for me, they are. So, yeah… I am a romantic person.

Still off work. Two sick days because of my shoulder and neck. Yesterday I could barely lift my arm. Today I am supposed to rest it. The thing is, I am okay when I don’t need to carry or lift things (or little people – as I have to do at work). . . We’ll see how it goes on.

Hey, did I mention that I am okay? And in love? It’s Friday, and I am in love? I should have chosen a different song.

Lots of love.


what if everything has a reason? (new poem)

I swallowed the sun
to find some light in me
but I was blind
my eyes were closed.

and I was the only one
the last woman to hide and not be free
prisoner of my mind

I was waiting for the end
lost the key to my heart
I turned into stone
me versus myself – a war.

but then there was you – new friend
you kept together what fell apart
with you, I moaned and shone
I had never felt like this before.

And the sun shone through my cracks
and you held me when I fell
and you put kisses on my bruises
and rekindled my fire.

nothing was perfect, but you made me relax
but I was also scared to feel love – it was hell
was I ready to fight, or tying another silent noose?
in my head resided a liar.

I drank up your affection
and then you admitted that there was no other
and you put your lips to my wrist
I was floating on your flying floors

I was starving for your connection
hungry for whatever you had to offer
when we made love the world ceased to exist
you me. you in me. me in you. my soul seeped into yours.

Song of the day Thursday

Antimatter – the power of love

(only sound)

Yes, this is a cover version of the Frankie Goes to Hollywood classic. There is something about Mick Moss’s vocals that gets me every time. It suits acoustic just as nicely as it suits electronic sets.

A new live album was released this week. It’s called ‘an epitaph’. Acoustic with a string quartet. So far, it is absolutely stunning. I bought the deluxe version for myself; it came with a DVD. As per usual, Mick signed the album, as well as Dave Hall, who played guitar here.

Beautiful music for this cold and rainy day here in Luxembourg.


Music of the Day (Wednesday)

James Radcliffe

Today, I am sharing music from a unique and kind and insanely talented man, James Radcliffe.
I am a fan of solo piano music. Who would have guessed? There is something very serene yet sad about it.

The song I recommend most here is called Don’t Let the Demons Bite into your Heart. But honestly, everything this man puts out there is beautiful and worth your time.

By the way; be kind. Today is World Kindness Day.

(We should not need a day to be kind. It should come natural. It should be a given. We should always be kind. And I try to be.)

Lots of love


My good friend Josh shared this today, and I was very touched by this quote. Different to what I usually share, but I hope you enjoy this too.


My materialistic side

So… Please take this post with a grin. I am not trying any tricks, I just meant to share.

I need a less flashy watch. Usually, I am wearing a bright yellow watch. It’s a Casio G-Shock. As seen on this picture (here with my little angel Giulia)

I was browsing Amazon and then I saw it. The watch I want. I showed it to my husband and he does not like it at all. Too dark. Too square. Too “special”. But I admit, until I saw the price, I had a bit of a crush.

It would look super fine sitting on my wrist.

Bering wrist watch

Either way… A woman can dream, right? And unless all of you regulars by my book – unquiet minds now, this gem will stay at the store.

My poetry collection is available as paperback and ebook on Amazon (worldwide) and here on the blog too. (I know that Amazon doesn’t sell my paperback in Australia, I do!)

Just get in touch and we will make it happen.

Lots of shallow and deep love


Song of the day (Tuesday)

Anathema – one last goodbye (live)

Three years ago today, my grandmother passed away. She was not nice to me, but she was the only motherly figure in my life. I grieved for her and still do on occasion. I miss the talks we had in later life. While she made my childhood and adulthood miserable, she was a source of (often unneeded) advice when I had my own family.

We love who we love. And we miss who we miss. Emotions are not rational.


dancing to the silent songs in my head

I’m pacing one step two steps
I’m dancing around
Arms above my head
I’m losing my frown.

And once I am lost
I’m losing
A heart wreathed in frost
But I continue to sing.

A scar so fresh
But my eyes are closed
Weakest flesh
Soul and mind decomposed.

This journey is not over
Piece by piece we will understand
Forever unsober
Drowning in castles built of sand.

Blown in every direction
Happy, sad, joys and death
Another emotion for my collection
Gasp – I take another deep breath.

To some, I appear mad
I wake up panting
Arms raised above my head,
Two bodies dancing.