Let love in

One day you will wake up and a wound that has always itched and that has always hurt – even if it was in a dull, almost imperceptible way, will have healed.

You will be surprised and it will be scary at first. You will try to get that feeling back – after all, it has been a part of you and your being for such a long time. But, let it go. You don’t need it anymore. And the hollow it left will be filled with something new. Something good.

(Repost/rewrite/adapted from January 2018)

Friday Song

Reamonn – supergirl

From the album “Tuesday” (2000)

The first time ever, I heard this song when Reamonn were the support act for the Finnish band HIM. In 2000, they were on tour together. Reamonn was a German band with an Irish singer – Rea Garvey. He went on to have a successful career as a solo artist after the band called it quits. Rea is a charismatic man, fun to see on television too – he was one of the judges on “The Voice – Germany”.

and because it is Friday and I am pulling myself out of my funk, here is another song…


Have a nice Friday night… I am going to have a drink tonight… and psst… there is a new selfie on IG. It is not great, but I like it for now. xx

The tired kind of silence

It was, she realised, the tired kind of silence. The kind of silence where every word sounded dull and every breath she took was exhausting. It was the kind of silence most people did not experience, and she hid it well too. It was the kind of silence that put out the fire in her. It was the kind of silence that was eerie and dangerous when it lasted too long. And so, she gave in and sang to the sad tunes in her head until it was dark and time for bed.

Thursday Song

John Mayer – I guess I just feel like

A single released in 2019. I am not very familiar with John Mayer and his music even though I own one of his records (Battle Studies, 2009). It never stood out for me, maybe I should give it another try. The above song was suggested by Spotify a while ago, and I quite like it.

Snow is falling over here. It looks cold and peaceful.

Have a nice one… xx

Wednesday Song

Andrew Cushin – where’s my family gone

There is no album or EP out yet from this British artist, but the song was put on Spotify in 2020. The song was written under 20minutes when Andrew was tuning his guitar before a gig… it “fell in his lap”, as he said. Producer of this song is Noel Gallagher. Yes, the Noel Gallagher. I think, it is audible, but maybe only if you know.

I heard about Andrew Cushin on a podcast called songstories, hosted by Gavin Simpson (aka Sourfish)

Enjoy your Wednesday 😘

Wednesday randomness

Today is one of those days where I tried writing replies to posts/tweets/whatever and deleted them again because my words seem unimportant. Empty words.

I had another doctor’s appointment for the shoulder and arm today. Apparently, everything is tip-top. So why am I in pain? I am surely not imagining things? I can barely pull my pants up or close my bra. But, according to the doctors, everything is like it should be. I had the lift the arms and twisted them this way or that; I had to push back and all that. The doc touched my shoulder and pushed some buttons… I pulled away, wincing in pain, but nope… All is okay. It is frustrating. I have had this problem since November 2019 (!)… And some days it is okay and bearable and other days it is just too much. And it hurts a lot right now. Truth be told, I think I did something wrong when I threw the Christmas tree out. But if a doc tells me to go back to normal, I do. This sucks. And because of the pain, my emotional stress is off the charts too. Anxiety eats at me. And I am tired. The pain keeps me from sleeping properly.

But… And this is the positive: I am alive and otherwise healthy. I have a job that is waiting for me a couple more weeks and I am sure there are many more reasons to be cheerful. Fake it till you make it.

Tuesday Song

Billy Idol & rebel yell

A song from my birth year.

My arm and shoulder hurt like a b*tch – again. Not in the mood for anything at all.

Have a good one. xx

Monday Song

Ezio – angel song

From the album “black boots on Latin feet” (1995)

This British band is something else. Whenever I am asked which band I’ve seen live the most, I easily answer “Stereophonics”. But that’s not true. I have seen Ezio a lot more often 6 or 7 times. Half of the gigs were for free and they were all memorable in that things Ezio Lunedei said on stage stayed inside jokes even years later.

Ezio are a duo from Birmingham, UK: Ezio Lunedei and Mark “Booga” Fowell. Most of their live gigs are acoustic sets with guitars – but they rock! A lot. They also have a tour and and studio musicians, but the energy they spread live is so much better.

Ezio are fun to watch, engaging and joking with the audience, telling stories. It’s really always and extraordinary moment. Their songs are simple with pleasant lyrics. There is nothing complicated – apart from the guitar playing skills.

It’s just nice and calm and chill.

Review me

You can now find me on Goodreads. It was not easy to set it up. I know many authors are on there, but I find it not to be intuitive at all – for authors anyway. There are social media buttons on this very site too.

It would be kind of you to leave some kind of review… It doesn’t have to be written word, stars are nice too. ✨

So… If you liked my poetry, short stories, or/and my novel, you know what to do.

Thank you very much.

Saturday Song

Fink – yesterday was hard on all of us

From the album Perfect Darkness (2011)

Not a good day today… Tomorrow will be better. I wanted to skip today’s song, but I like this routine a lot.

The kids are in bed, and I am reading a book by AJ Rose. And because a mom’s job is not finished, ever… I am waiting for the washing machine to be done…

Another four weeks to go before I will be back at work. If nothing happens in the meantime, my first day back will be on my birthday.

My day was long and boring. Kids were with their dad; I did the usual chores, listened to Pink Floyd, and watched a documentary about Elvis.

These days, I am made of music.